Top ten starting pitchers in baseball today

This will be the first article published in a series of 10. Starting with starting pitchers and ending with right fielder. The lists will be published once a day.

So here we go with the top ten starting pitchers in baseball today

  1. Clayton Kershaw

2. Max Scherzer

3. Madison Bumgarner

4. Noah Synergaard

5. Chris Sale

6. Jon Lester

7. Jake Arrieta

8. Corey Kluber

9. David Price

10. Kyle Hendricks

Just missed: Justin Verlander, Jonny Cueto, Yu Darvish, Stephen Strasburg, Cole Hammels.

This is a very strong list of starting pitchers that got tougher to distinguish forwards the bottom.

Up next on the list is Relief Pitchers (includes closers)


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