Tristan Beckmann’s Ultimate MLB Playoff Preview: Predictions, Analysis, and more

Its the best time of year for baseball fans across the globe. Playoff baseball will commence tonight when the Colorado Rockies head to Wrigley Field to face the Chicago Cubs in the NL Wildcard Game. There’s so much more to come from there though. 10 teams will be dueling it out in the American League and National League. Only one team will survive the grueling grind and be crowned the 2018 MLB World Series Champions. Whether it’s a J.D. Martinez grand slam, a nine strikeout game from Justin Verlander, or epic playoff atmospheres, there’s something for everybody when it comes to the biggest stage in all of baseball.

I’ve watched a lot of baseball this season and I know a good enough amount of baseball that I’m putting my predictions and analysis out there for the world to see. I’m going to provide a Team by Team breakdown complete with their strengths, weaknesses, and one X-factor. Then I’ll take the deep dive into my full playoff predictions, before letting you leave after reading a few of my colleagues playoff predictions. I know I’m ready, but are you?

Table of Contents:

Introduction, pg. 1

AL Team By Team Analysis, pg. 2

NL Team By Team Analysis, pg. 3

Power Rankings, pg. 4

Wildcard Round Analysis, pg. 5

Divisional Series Analysis, pg. 6

Championship Series Analysis, pg. 7

World Series Analysis, pg. 8

Other Writers Predictions, pg. 9


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