*Updated* TheShow Roster update predictions

Dallas Keuchel 88 to 90 +2

Keuchel was my favorite to get upgraded 2 weeks back, but unfortunately, he was not. Then after a brief DL stint, he improved his record to 8-0 and lowered his era to 1.81 which in case you didn’t know, that is pretty good.

Manny Machado 93 to 91 -2

Machado is hitting an awful .205 on the season. He has a .691 OPS, none of these stats warrant a 93 overall especially one the has 79 contact v/r and 74 contact v/l. Expect to see him see downgrades in each category.

Anthony Rizzo 89 to 87 -2

Rizzo is hitting only .215 vs right handers this season also with a .753 OPS vs. righties as well. Neither of these stats are very good. Be on the lookout for his 77 contact v/r to drop.

Dexter Fowler 80 to 77 -3

Dexter Fowler somehow still has 89 contact vs lefties despite the fact that he is hitting an awful .192 against southpaws in 2017. I would be surprised if this stat is not lowered this week.

Ryan Zimmerman 82 to 85 +3

Ryan Zimmerman has been among the best hitters in the whole league this year. In June he is still hitting a whopping .368 and even more important, he is hitting .359 vs right handed pitchers. With this expect for his 68 contact vs righties to increase.

Zach Cozart 80 to 83 +3

Cozart is hitting .350 with a 1.006 OPS, which both are in the top 8 in the league so I would expect his 66 contact v/r and 62 contact v/l to both see a boost.

Charlie Blackmon 86 to 88 +2

Charlie Blackmon started the year as a silver, which in my mind was a mistake. He was bumped up to an 86 overall a couple weeks ago, but he keeps hitting extremely well. He has a .984 OPS (12th in the league) and a .618 slugging percentage (7th in the league) not to mention his

Willson Contreras 78 to 80 +2

Willson has been alright at the plate this season with a .707 OPS, but this upgrade is not about offense. His arm strength is sitting at 72 despite having the second hardest average throw among all catchers so be on the lookout for him to see a lofty upgrade there.

Starlin Castro 83 to 85 +2

Starlin Castro currently ranks third in the MLB in total hits, behind Blackmon and Dickerson. Castro is hitting .325 with a .847 OPS and 7 HRs on the year. I expect him to an upgrade to gold this week.


Mike Leake 81 to 83 +2

Mike Leake is third in era at 1.91 and has a 5-2 record on the year. He has a .93 whip which is both gold tier quality, but his 42 strikeouts can be limiting to him.

Andrew Triggs 74 to 78 +4

Andrew Triggs has surpassed the expectations of many this year. He has a 2.64 era in 58 innings pitched. He is 5-4 this year but the A’s offense isn’t too much help. He has a 1.14 whip and 45 strikeouts

Jedd Gyorko 79 to 81 +2

Gyorko currently is hitting .322 on the season despite only having 65 contact v/r and 59 v/l  He is hitting .297 off of lefties and .330 off of righties. He has 8 home runs and 21 rbi’s on the year so far. Plus, his slugging percentage is a lofty .570

Albert Almora Jr. 64 to 73 +7

Honestly, I don’t know why Almora was a 62 overall in the first place. His defensive rating in MLB the show is only at 72 and his arm strength is at 66, and let me tell you, both of those deserve major upgrades.

Matt Kemp 84 to 85 +1

Matt Kemp was a member of last weeks upgrades but he has not slowed down since. This isn’t a pick that is 100% but it’s always good to be optimistic. Most likely you won’t see a player having back to back upgrades. But Kemp has remained hot and has been carrying the Atlanta offense with slugger Freddie Freeman out. There is a chance Kemp hits the 85 mark and turns into a gold card.

Jacob DeGrom 89 to 90 +1

Starting the 2017 season deGrom was set at an 89 overall gold card. The first 2-3 weeks of the season a lot of fans expected him to get the +1 quickly. But as seen this year, SDS has been very cautious with who they upgrade/downgrade. The fact of the matter is deGrom is still dealing at an all time high. Carrying the Mets pitching staff with Thor out, deGrom should receive his +1 this week, possibly a +2.

Aaron Judge 83 to 85 +2

Aaron Judge upgrade is not up for debate. He was one of the top performers in April and has continued his hot season. Last night reclaiming the League-leading home run record at 17 HR. Judge was featured in a new card series in the month of April, I don’t expect him to get another top performer but he will go gold this week. His trend in the marketplace says so as well. I am not the only one who believes this.

Greg Holland 87 to 89 +2

One of the most underrated closers in the game right now. Rockies closing pitcher Greg Holland is among the league’s best in saves, ERA, and strikeouts. In the 9th inning, the Rockies have been able to call Holland out in any situation and he has delivered. This is a pick that has flown under the radar. Not many have acknowledged his stunning success this season but I think he receives a +2 or +3.

Ervin Santana 82 to 85 +3

Ervin Santana wasn’t expected to be off to the start he has had this season. The right-handed vet has been absolutely dominant for the Minnesota Twins as they have hung around in their division. Santana hasn’t been given the most generous rating this season. I believe Santana has a 60% chance to Gold this week, although I am 100% sure he will receive an upgrade of some sort regardless of overall. He’s among the league’s best this season.

David Robertson 84 to 85 +1

David Robertson currently has a 2.29 ERA. Although this is good it isn’t too eye-popping as a closer. But what should be is that he has only given up 1 home run this season despite rocking a 60 hr/9 in The Show, which should see an upgrade.

Wade Davis 91 to 93 +2

Wade Davis has been amazing this year. He is rocking a 0.98 ERA with 24 strikeouts in 18.1 innings. He also could see an upgrade in BB/9 and control which could help him get the upgrade he deserves.

Ryan Schimpf 73 to 77 +4

Schimpf has 13 home runs on the year, but more importantly, he has 4 home runs against lefties in 41 at bats which is a really good rate. Look for his 58 power vs/l to increase

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