Updated Top-50 RBs

Well, today sure was an impactful day for fantasy football with the Ezekiel Elliott suspension (6 games) and the Sammy Watkins trade to the Rams, not to mention the Bills also acquires Jordan Matthews from the Eagles. Today we will be looking at some RB rankings. This shows where I rank Elliott after the suspension as well as McFadden. Here they are!

Screen Shot 2017-08-11 at 9.44.43 PM.png

It was tough deciding where to slot in Zeke, but I felt 17 was fair. Keep in mind before you draft, although it is just a 6-week suspension, the Cowboys have a week 6 bye, this means Zeke will not be in your lineups until week 8. McFadden very well could be slotted higher now that Zeke will be missing the first 6 games, but I figure that to be a timeshare with Alfred Morris. Another tough spot for me is the 4-8 range, I feel that you could mix around that list in almost any way and it would be fine.

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