Upon Further review: A short more in depth look at three games from week 6.

You ever wondered, was there more to that game? I do, so starting this week welcome to Upon Further Review where I watch three games on game pass I thought were under covered by my what we learned piece. Then I give some short recaps and major takeaways from those games and what they mean to the teams. Hope you enjoy!


1. The Bengals are slowly yet steadily getting there offense on track, the key, Joe Mixon. Mixon is a dynamic guy out of the backfield but he opens up so much more when they use him correctly. Namely the play action passing game which Dalton used extremely well. This was quietly one of Andy Daltons best games since 2014 even though it doesn’t look that way in the box score. The interception Dalton threw wasn’t his fault as much as it was AJ Greens. The Bengals have life in a now wide-open AFC North.

2. The Bills offense isn’t bad and the Bills aren’t bad, they just ran into one of the NFLs best defensive lines. The Key to shutting down Buffalo unfortunately is not hard. Shut down Lesean McCoy force Tyrod Taylor to throw and bring the blitz. The Bills certainly are a good team but teams can be good and miss the playoffs.
3. Believe what you want to believe but I believe Jacoby Brissett is one of the top 20 QBs in the league and is super fun to watch. Brissett showed off his arm all day long, look at the deep completion he had to TY Hilton in the third Quarter running to his right and throwing 30 plus yards down field to his left. That takes tremendous skill and not every QB can make that throw he reminds me a lot of Collin Kaepernick because of his ability to throw on the run but he has better pocket presence than Kaepernick. The Colts got a steal and a potential piece they could hold onto or deal for a 2nd or 3rd round draft pick this offseason.

4. The Niners offense is so close. We say it every week and it always misses but I think by midseason the Niners might just have themselves figured out. Will that be soon enough to make a major impact? No. Down the stretch however I think they could play a major role as the team that knocks out some big teams in big games.
5. The Rams offense was able to move the ball against the Seahawks. It looks lopsided because of five turnovers by the Rams. The Rams though in no way shape or form are in trouble, it is Seattle.
6. On the other side the Seattle offense continues to have major problems. The Seahawks simply could not run the ball. That forced Russell Wilson to throw under heavy duress all day long as he has all year long. The Seahawks win this way though, so you can’t really knock em.



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