Week 10 Preview: Tell Tale games for Steelers, Saints, and Bills.

The Buffalo Bills are a good home team. In fact they are 4-0 at home, while in recent years the Saints have been bad on the road. That is in the past though. This game will truly tell us what each of these teams are. If the Bills win we should consider them a real threat to win the AFC East. Meanwhile if the Saints win it will prove they are not the team that gets trounced on the road. These are not the road struggles Saints though, this is a ball control offense that limits the number of times Drew Brees throws the ball. The Saints lean on their top ten, that’s right top ten defense and win this game.

2. The Packers travel to Soldier Field to play the Chicago Bears coming off their bye. The Packers are coming off an embarrassing loss in Green Bay which showed the world just how much of an asset Rodgers is to that team. He hides the glaring deficiencies of a Packers team that cannot protect and will have a hard time running the ball against a sharp Bears running defense. Not to mention the fact tackle Bryan Bulaga is out for the season for the Packers with a knee injury. This will be grit and grind old school NFC North football I expect a close win from the Bears.

3. Cleveland remains one of two teams without a win this NFL season and they will play Detroit this Sunday. Fresh off a bye perhaps Hue Jackson has figured out his QB situation, however that seems unlikely. The Lions seemed to find their offense against Green Bay and Cleveland is an excellent morale booster to play a week after getting on your feet.

4. The Titans are a middling team that could win a middling division. The Bengals are a bad team that got to middling but dropped back to awful. The answer here is the Titans, but this is the NFL, so it would not at all shock me if the Bengals ran all over the Titans. The Titans did only score 12 points against the Browns.

5. The Steelers have found their groove, or so we think. The true test will be if they can beat a bad team on the road in November. So basically, this is a trap game for the Steelers, however it wouldn’t shock me if the Colts got blown out. If the Steelers win, take them seriously, if they drop this game they’re the same old Steelers. Jacoby Brissett has his work cut out for him though against a Steelers defense that is one of the best in the league.

6. Jets Buccaneers this game should be a pickem, and here is why. I love the Jets I think they can go 8-8 and I get the Buccaneers suck and are playing Ryan Fitzpatrick. However, these are the New York Jets a team that has dropped games they should win before. I think when your starting QB gets yanked it is a wakeup call to the rest of the team to show up and play. It would not shock me at all if Ryan Fitzpatrick (who has played well this year) came in and put up a three-touchdown day and won the game. That being said I’m taking the Jets.

7. Teddy Bridgewater will most likely not see the field in this game. I however have a bold prediction that we will see him for at least a drive or two in this game. This games in Washington and Washington is playing off an all-time high after winning in Seattle. I think the momentum carries over and Kirk Cousins has a good day against an elite defense.

8. Chargers-Jaguars is really my last stand. I’m all in on the Chargers but if they lose this game hope pretty much runs out the door. The game is in Jacksonville, I think the Jags have a sneaky awesome home field advantage right now, I know crazy.

9. Oh what a difference two weeks makes, two weeks ago Rams Texans was a matchup of the leagues two best young Quarterbacks, now it just looks like a blowout of the Texans.
10. No Zeke for the Cowboys but they will still beat the Falcons because: A. Matt Ryan is average (last year was an illusion) B. Julio Jones is having one of his worst years in recent memory and C. Dak is playing just about as well as he ever has.

11. The debut of Jimmy Garoppolo? We don’t know but someone’s got to win this game. Remember just 5-6 years ago this was one of the league’s premier rivalries? oh how far it has fallen. Someone has to win this game and I think it’s the G-men.

12. Speaking of crumbling rivalries, Broncos-Patriots. Now this game might be interesting if anyone but Brock Osweiler were starting this game. Also I think the Broncos defense may have given up in Philly the ship is quickly sinking in Denver.

13. Why are the Dolphins in prime time, someone needs to lose their job for putting out back to back to back Dolphins primetime games. The Panthers run away with this game. McCaffery has his running legs under him and a big week is forthcoming.


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