Week 11 Preview

Week 11 is here. We are truly at about the midpoint of the NFL Calendar between the pre-season and the Super Bowl. These previews have included every game in past weeks, however not this week there are several bad games this week. Not included in this preview, Bengals Broncos, Cardinals Texans, and Chiefs Giants spoiler I’m picking the Chiefs, Bengals, and Cardinals. Hope you enjoy. To hear myself and others here at PSF talk about the games check out the Endzone podcast here on I Tunes EndZone podcast or on any of your other podcast players.
1. The Detroit Lions will travel to Chicago to play the Bears. I have lost all hope in the Bears as being a fun team to watch. If you couldn’t beat the Packers at home without Aaron Rodgers than you certainly beat Matthew Stafford coming off one of his best games of the year.

2. There is no reason one should think the Browns can beat the Jaguars this week. Jacksonville has the best defense in the league against one of the worst Quarterbacks in the NFL. Even if Blake Bortles has a bad game, which he very well may, this defense can force a low scoring blowout. The Jaguars win this game and allow less than 7 points.
3. The Ravens go to Green Bay. Brett Hundley did have a good game but not a great game against the Bears. The Ravens D is the best unit in this game and in a wide-open race for the 6 seed if they can win this game they will be right back in playoff contention. So, I’m taking the Ravens.

4. The week one game postponed due to Hurricanes is finally here as Tampa goes to Miami. Miami is the worst team in the league metrics wise. They will be shown to be true frauds as the Buccaneers beat Miami this Sunday.
5. The Vikings are one of the most dominant teams on both sides of the ball in the NFL. Jared Goff and the Rams struggled to score until well into the third quarter against a depleted Texans offense. The Wade Phillips defense is kicking into shape. This is going to be a low scoring game. The Vikings have one of the best home fields in the league. I’m taking the Vikings 20-14. If there is a chance for LA to win this game they will have to run the ball affectively as they have the past two weeks. Going run heavy will take the ball out of Goff’s hands helping prevent turnovers one of the best turnover differential teams in the league.

6. The Saints dominated the Bills last week. 6 rushing touchdowns a franchise record. The Redskins just gave up 38 points to a Case Keenum led offense things could go very wrong very fast for Washington this week. Kirk Cousins has only thrown five interceptions this year, if he can continue to keep the turnovers down and score the Redskins have a chance. Though keeping up with the Saints offense when they have one of the best defenses in the league seems unlikely.

7. Nathan Peterman’s debut against the Chargers comes as a shock to many people including myself. Tyrod Taylor had only thrown three interceptions this season and while the offense had only 10 passing touchdowns the Bills are still finding ways to win games. I just feel like this is admitting you are giving up playoff hope. The Bills were in great position to perhaps clinch the AFC final wild card spot. After this move however that seems unlikely. Why would you go from a trusted vet to a rookie in the middle of a playoff race? Meanwhile on the other side of the ball this is really the do or die game for this Charger’s season. Philip Rivers has cleared concussion protocol and will play in this game. I expect big things from this Chargers running game against a Bills defense clearly missing Marcel Darius. Since making that trade they have given up 492 yards on the ground. Melvin Gordon is regaining his running legs and has his best game of the season Sunday.

8. The Raiders don’t have corners that can cover, Tom Brady is playing his best football. Patriots drop 40 in Mexico. Enough Said.
9. No Ty Simth verse the best pass rush in the NFL. I smell a blowout. The Cowboys have got to find a way to protect Dak this week. 8 sacks cannot happen again. The Eagles offense coming off a bye is a scary proposition, but we have seen teams choke in primetime before that were expected to blow out other teams. Cough cough Broncos. I expect the Eagles to handle their business Sunday night though.

10. The legion of boom is affectively gone with Richard Sherman and Kam Chancellor out for the season. Cue Matt Ryan and the Falcons offense having another great game and getting closer to being one of the league’s most consistent offenses again. That being said this game is in Seattle and really anything can happen.


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