Week 12 Preview

Welcome to week 12, we are heading on the downhill towards the end of the regular season. As we did last week we’ll throw out several meaningless games that have turned into a sad reminder that some teams are just bad at football. This week those games include: Washington at New York, Washington isn’t a bad team, just out of playoff contention the Giants are bad I’m going Washington. Broncos Raiders, Paxton Lynch starts Broncos still lose. Bengals Browns, listen wouldn’t shock me if the Browns won this game the Bengals suck too. Patriots Dolphins, please, spare me the Dolphins will give the Pats a scare talk Pats by 30. Seattle San Francisco, no Jimmy G Seahawks bounce back. Packers Steelers, Steelers. Finally, Jaguars Cardinals, good for the Jags getting this good. Alright now we got the trash out of the way let’s get down to business. You can listen to me talk about this on the Endzone Podcast by the way, check it out.

1. The Vikings and Lions will face of on thanksgiving in Detroit as is tradition. This game has so much riding on it for the Lions, it is a must win if they want to compete in the division. If the Vikings win the NFC North belongs to them, if it didn’t already. The Lions defense got gashed by the Bears on the ground last year giving up 222 yards. The best shot for the Vikings to lose this game is if Case Keenum implodes, which he could. The Lions historically are very good in Detroit on thanksgiving especially over the past 5 years, 4-1 with the one loss coming in OT. However I trust the Vikings D to destroy a Lions O line which to their credit has improved, Vikings all day.

2. Chargers at Cowboys, a game with two teams fighting for their playoff lives. On one hand the Cowboys are probably already done in a stacked NFC if they lose this game they have no mathematical chance. The Chargers on the other hand with a win can get right in the mix for the AFC Wildcard. If they lose however the season is over. Tyron Smith is expected to play limited snaps in this game currently but against a Chargers Pass rush that is one of the best in the league right now I don’t see Dak having a good day. I’m going Chargers.

3. The Falcons looked like a playoff team in Seattle, though there defense is still a bit concerning. Which is confusing because they have so many good defensive pieces that make plays but still give up way too many yards and points. I’m not quite ready to buy into Atlanta, good teams beat bad teams and playoff teams demolish bad teams. Go do what we expect of you Atlanta.

4. The Titans currently hold a playoff spot, but they face a tough test in the Colts this week. Oh do I have to remind you, this team played the Steelers extremely close and severely outplayed the Bengals, this is the best 1-3 win team in the league. That’s why I think the Colts will win this game I think Jacoby Brissett will have another excellent day and really pull the team along. The Titans offense is still a bit lethargic and the defense isn’t great. Prove it Titans, win this game show me you are a good team I don’t buy it.

5. The Chiefs just signed Darelle Revis. Things could go one of two ways; the defense improves and Revis helps the team through the playoffs to a Conference Championship appearance or the defense improves and the Steelers pound on a past his prime Revis in the playoffs. That is if the Chiefs make the playoffs, they need to win this game to keep the AFC west firmly in their grasp. The Bills on the other hand will go back to Tyrod Taylor who could potentially have an awesome day fueled by Rage, Revenge, and a Ridiculously Bad Chiefs Secondary. This game is so hard to pick but it is hard to pick against the Chiefs in Arrow Head big bounce back game.

6. The Panthers are rolling about as hard as you can at the moment. They dismantle the Jets.
7. The Saints and Rams play in week 12 in what is the game of the week. This game features two of the NFC’s best teams. However, both will most likely be missing major players. Marshon Lattimore looks more and more likely to miss this game. However the Rams are missing one of their most underrated pass catchers in Robert Woods for this game. Really it comes down to which one of these teams plays better defense on Sunday. While the Rams d held down the Vikings through most of four Quarters they got worn down, i see the same thing happening here especially with New Orleans amazing ground game. It would not shock me if this was a low scoring 7-7 or 10-10 game going into the fourth, but the Saints will be able to hide a weakened defense with a dominant run game. I’m going Saints 31-17.

8. The Ravens will continue rolling with a beat down of the Texans. The defense is legit and Alex Collins is one of the most underrated backs in the league.


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