Week 12 PSF Power Rankings: Pats Reign Supreme, Chargers make moves.

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We are twelve weeks through the Season and guess what the power rankings have changed from week four. So how do I get these rankings? I developed a formula with four categories in which teams can score from 1-5, offense, defense, eye test, intangibles. What are the last two? The eye test is basically how watchable you are you could be 4-3 but by pure luck and a total eye sore, cough cough, Dolphins. Intangibles are what a team should be in my mind. Even if a team gets a great score they may not rank exactly in that position. The scores are mainly to provide a point to start the Ranking process this week only giving the scores of the top 5 teams though. It is all purely opinion. Enjoy.
1. New England Patriots 19.5
2. Philadelphia 25
3. Minnesota 19
4. Los Angeles Rams 17
5. New Orleans 15.5
The Patriots sneak ahead of the Eagles for the one spot simply because they have had a tougher schedule thus far. However if there is one team I would bet money on to take out the Patriots it would be the Eagles. The Vikings are getting more national love now but still not enough. The defense is one of the best in the league and Case Keenum is a good QB. Los Angeles gets its spot over New Orleans purely because they have beaten them. The Saints are too reliant on one great defensive player, that could be a problem down the stretch.
6. Pittsburgh
7. Seattle
8. Washington
9. LA Chargers
10. Carolina
Super sad NFL fact of the day. There are really only 7 great teams in the NFL. The rest kind of just blend together in an ooze of Mediocrity, sad fact two only 3 of the 6 real teams, minus the Patriots, could be the Patriots. Big Ben and the Steelers look good but if you struggle against Green Bay and Indy there is no way you beat New England. Seattle has been barraged with injuries and refuse to find a running game, Kirk Cousins and Washington should be a playoff team but they aren’t. The Chargers are as hot as a team gets right now and look like they have a real shot to win the AFC West, as I predicted. The Panthers play ugly football but have a great defense and find ways to win.
11. Atlanta
12. Detroit
13. Jacksonville
14. Buffalo
15. Houston
This is where the teams really start blending together. Pick your poison after 12 you can really mix and match whose bad and whose OK. Atlanta is hot, but they need to beat the Vikings before I consider them back as an NFC super power. Detroit is good for the last 2 quarters but unfortunately for them football is played through 4 quarters. I so want to fall in love with Jacksonville but how can you believe in a team with Blake Bortles as the QB, he sucked me in last time I’m not falling for it again.
16. Baltimore
17. Tennessee
18. Dallas
19. Oakland
20. Kansas City
None of these teams really have an identity right now and that really hurts them. Kansas City is now a boring team to watch as is Dallas and Oakland. This is probably the most depressing tier of teams but one of them in the AFC will probably make the playoffs.
21. Indianapolis
22. New York Jets
23. Arizona
24. Green Bay
25. Chicago
Things could be worse for these teams. All have incredibly bright futures. The Jets have found a receiving core, Arizona may have a passable franchise patch at QB while they look for Carson Palmers replacement. With a few more years under Aaron Rodgers Brett Hundley could really end up being a star and with some pieces Mitch Trubisky could pan out. Keep your head up.
26. Tampa Bay
27. New York Giants
28. Cincinnati
29. San Francisco
30. Denver
31. Miami
32. Cleveland
Whereas the future is bright for 21-25, this group of teams is in total darkness minus the forty niners. The Buccs may have a serious QB problem, the Giants just benched Eli Manning who to be honest was playing the best he has all year long and better than last year. The Bengals are the Bengals and really won’t fix anything until Marvin Lewis is let go. Denver has maybe an OK QB but now get involved in sideline brawls. Miami is worse than Denver though don’t tell me Miami is better this week well get the test when the two teams play each other, and the Browns. Not much to be said, see you in week 16.


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