Week 12 QB Rankings. Case Keenum Gets Some Love.

Welcome to the week 12 QB Rankings. The Second to last installment which will come after week 16, week 17 we’ll be busy dissecting the Playoffs. This week we have categories to Separate these QB’s into. Hope you enjoy. If you want to hear us talk about these Rankings go subscribe to the Endzone podcast here, or on any of your favorite pod catching apps.


1. Tom Brady (1): Tom Brady is playing the best ball of his career, somehow. The guys pocket movement is unreal. The game is coming at Brady in slow motion and he is punishing defenses.
2. Carson Wentz (2): Wentz continues to pull apart defenses. Amazing athleticism and a great arm. Easy schedule to start the year, we will find out what Wentz is made out of here these next few weeks as he plays the Seahawks, and Rams defenses.
3. Russel Wilson (6): The highest Wilson has been this year, mainly because at this point he is carrying this team. If you needed proof Wilson was a franchise QB you shouldn’t anymore. He continues to put up solid numbers without an offensive line, a running game, and now missing the legion of boom.

Carson Went

Top Tier Passers

4. Drew Brees (3): Brees falls after a loss to LA that made him look a little less superhuman, yes a wonderful comeback against Washington has been the highlight of his season but he is not the focal point of the offense in Nola anymore.
5. Jared Goff (5): Jared Goff hit a brief stumble against a top NFL defense in Minnesota and then kept on rolling. Is it all Goff? No, Sean Mcvay’s play calling cannot be ignored here. Goff is throwing into some of the biggest windows in the NFL. Then again that’s what a QB needs to develop into a signal caller who can hit tight windows.
6. Kirk Cousins (7): Kirk Cousins is balling. Record isn’t what determines a QB’s skill. Cousins has done so much with so little around him this year. Washington needs to ink him to a long-term deal this offseason.
7. Ben Roethlisberger (13): Ben has had a weird year, through his first seven games he had 9 touchdowns over his last four he has 11. The Steelers may be an inconsistent team but Ben has rebounded from one of the worst half seasons in his career in a big way these last four games. Who knows, maybe this team will make the Super Bowl. Then again, probably not.


Nice Suprises
8. Case Keenum (16): Who would have thought this sentence would be typed in 2017? “Case Keenum is a top ten QB” No one saw this coming. Good for Case Keenum though he is having one of the best seasons in recent memory for a Vikings QB. The fact he has 7 touchdowns over his last three games does help his case though.
9. Philip Rivers (11): Rivers has played good all season, the difference, now he’s playing great. The Chargers QB showed on Thanksgiving what peak Rivers can look like. I truly believe he will keep this up and when week 16 rolls around and the final QB rankings are released for this site, I believe he may end up top 5. This guy has some bad secondaries to play down the stretch. Browns, Redskins, Jets, and Raiders seems like a recipe for 30 touchdowns for me (Rivers has 20 as of today).



Matthew Stafford, Literally just Matthew Stafford.

10. Matthew Stafford (12): Matthew Stafford has very little around him in terms of ground game yet plays very well. What concerns me is this, instead of disappearing for a quarter and showing up in the fourth, why can’t Stafford just throw a complete game? It is a real concern at this point in his career. Start and finish games Matthew.


Interchangeable Meh Franchise guys.

11. Cam Newton (10): Cam hasn’t been excellent, but he hasn’t hurt his team. 11-14 are kind of interchangeable. This was the hardest tier of QB’s for me to rank.
12. Matt Ryan (15): Matty Ice is heating up. Over his past two games, he has thrown for 500+ yards and two touchdowns. Ryan hasn’t played great this year but if he plays good enough down the stretch the Falcons have a real shot to win the NFC South.
13. Derek Carr (17): Derek Carr is extremely inconsistent and really not that great but I wasn’t going to put anyone under him at 13. Carr did look promising against the Broncos though, he could get hot down the stretch.
14. Dak Prescott (8): Without Zeke we are quickly figuring out that Dak has room for improvement as a passer. This benefits Dak though, if he has to learn to be self-reliant without Zeke imagine what he will play like when Zeke gets back.


Game Managers.

15. Alex Smith (4): Alex Smith is Alex Smith again.
16. Tyrod Taylor (9): Tyrod Taylor is underrated. He wont ruin a game for you, that’s a valuable skill to have as an NFL QB. As seen in some of the QB’s Below on this list.
17. Marcus Mariota (20): He might be playing hurt, or, maybe Marcus Mariota is just a game manager that can use his legs.


Tyrod Taylor

Bad Game Manager AKA Josh McCown.
18. Josh McCown (14): Josh McCown can play for three quarters look competent and then remind you he’s Josh McCown. Seriously on his fumble Sunday he literally threw the ball into Kuechley’s hands, sometimes you just need to eat the sack Josh.


Guys who might be franchise worthy.
19. Brett Hundley (26): Hundley would be lower, but he put up a big night on SNF so you have to give him some real props. It will take some time, but I believe he can develop into the successor for Rodgers.
20. Jacoby Brissett (18): He has no offensive line, and yet week in and week out he makes plays with his arms and legs and has limited turnovers, there is real promise in Brissett.
21. Blaine Gabbert (unranked): Better than expected.

brisset edit

You Suck or you’re being coached by Jon Fox.
22. Ryan Fitzpatrick (unranked): He is what you think he is. Solid starter for 5-7 games a year, better than Jameis.
23. Joe Flacco (25): He certainly isn’t elite. He isn’t awful either though, he is Joe Flacco. A semi-OK starter who with enough help can take the Ravens to the playoffs.
24. Mitchell Trubisky (22): It isn’t his fault that he has Jon Fox as his coach and no receiving talent. He shows flashes but it’s going to take some time for him to develop. Especially with the way Jon Fox is ruining him. It’s a Jared Goff Jeff Fisher Scenario.
25. Andy Dalton (23): Andy Dalton is in a word, depressing. He gets your hopes up and then right when you think he’s good he shows you he isn’t.
26. Blake Bortles (19): I got duped! I should have known! Blake Bortles isn’t a top 20 QB, he’s Blake Bortles, interception machine.
27. Tom Savage (30): He hasn’t played awful the last few weeks.
28. CJ Beathard (28): Easily replaced.
29. Eli Manning (24): Doing the best he can but done in New York.
30. Whatever the Broncos QB situation is (31 and 33): Disgusting to watch. The best option is Trevor Siemian. Brock is a nightmare in motion every time he steps on the field, and Paxton is a bust that cant throw a simple 3 yard pass to the end zone without fading away and throwing a pick.
31. Jay Cutler (29): I mean, what do you want me to say?
32. Deshone Kizer (32): Shows promise, but generally a dumpster fire.


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