Week 13 Recap and NFC Power Rankings: Why the Eagles aren’t Number One.

1. Ben Macadoo is out in New York. Probably the least surprising piece of news out of this weekend. The Giants cleaned house this morning disposing of Jerry Reese as well. Macadoo eventually did himself in by benching Eli Manning and Reese has neglected the glaring holes on the offensive line and in the running game for years. It’s easy to forget these are actual humans with families so of course you don’t want them to be unemployed, but I don’t see either of these guys getting chances anywhere else in the league.

2. The Ravens are getting there, they need another consistent offensive performance, but they may be playoff material. Joe Flacco threw for two touchdowns Sunday and Alex Collins is one hell of a running back. The Ravens have a great defense, but Eric Weddle will have to step up to fill in for Jimmy Smith, who was playing at an all pro level and tore his Achilles Sunday, out for the season. The Ravens have a big game against the Steelers next week, if they could grab an upset and the Steelers were to lose to the Patriots suddenly the AFC North title is up for grabs. However, Pittsburgh slowing down seems unlikely, I love the Chargers but if Joe Flacco could play like an average QB I could get on board with a Ravens playoff team.

3. The Chiefs are in free fall. The offense showed up, but the defense let the Chiefs down and allowed 38 points to the Jets. Can we just give the Jets some credit? In every game they have played this year they have been competitive and fun to watch. You just get the feeling that if they could grab one more O line piece and a QB this could be a playoff team in the next two years. For the first time in a while the future is brighter for the Green side of Met Life stadium. Back to the Chiefs, it’s hard to see this team getting in the playoffs at this point and if they did they look like a one and done kind of team. Trade rumors for Alex Smith started this week if the Chiefs sink out of playoff contention in the next two weeks with two losses I could see them turning to first rounder Patrick Mahomes.

4. The 49ers have found their QB. The box score doesn’t say it but if you tell me Jimmy G didn’t play an excellent game against the bears you clearly haven’t watched the tape. Every throw is a pretty throw, he stands in the pocket so well and throws such aggressive passes it is truly a joy to watch. It would not surprise me if the Niners won four of their last six and found their way out of a top two pick. I don’t think San Fran fans would mind that at all.

5. The Vikings are the best team in the NFC. I pedaled this unpopular opinion on the Endzone podcast last week and got laughed out of the building. Who’s laughing now? The Vikings consistently week to week dominate NFC power houses week in and week out. This weeks domination of the Falcons was different, it was a defensive domination. Minnesota shut the Falcons offense down to only 173 passing yards. Take into account that the Falcons were coming off two of their most explosive offensive performances of the year. It’s time to respect Minnesota as the premier power house in the NFC. Especially after what happened in Seattle this week.

6. The Eagles aren’t invincible. They aren’t bad either. The Seahawks gave the Blue print to beating them though, stop the run game, contain Carson Wentz and have a mobile QB. Now that certainly isn’t an easy blue print to follow but it’s a design none the less. Wentz didn’t look awful in this game but anytime you make a guy throw 49 times it usually doesn’t look pretty. Wentz moved the ball, but the Eagles just couldn’t finish drives. On the other side Russell Wilson is just a really really good QB. He is almost impossible to sack and the fact the Eagles brought so much pressure somehow played to his advantage. When you blitz Wilson he just dances away and finds big plays down field. If you don’t pressure him hell stand in the pocket and pick apart your secondary, how is that fair? The fact we ever thought the Seahawks were going to miss the playoffs is whole heartedly ridiculous, shame on us.

7. The NFC is a giant, jumbled, mess and I’m loving it. Here are the power rankings for just that conferences top teams.
1. Minnesota: Great defense, great receiver’s, two QB’s and the best O line in the league. How do you stop this team?
2. New Orleans: Even without Marshon Lattimore they shut down the panthers and consistently ground and pound their way to victory.
3. Philadelphia: Is three to low? I don’t think so, they haven’t really beaten any power house teams in the NFC, big test against the Rams next week.
4. Los Angeles: The defense is just getting heated up, that is a scary thought right there. Aaron Donald, Michael Brockers, and Alec Ogletree plus Wade Phillips weren’t warmed up already? Even when the offense struggles they put up 30 points.
5. Seattle: Russell Wilson and a dominant defensive line plus all pro Bobby Wagner will always give you a chance to win, the Super Bowl.
8. I can’t wait until week 14.


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