Week 15 Preview

Week 15 creeps into our lives, its crazy, oh my god it’s week 15! In just two short months we wont have the sweet release of football anymore, so we have to enjoy it now. So here are some games you can skip to get to the meat and potatoes of the schedule. Broncos Colts, Broncos. Lions Bears, Lions. Cardinals Redskins, Cardinals, Washington is to hurt right now. Ravens Browns, Ravens. Eagles Giants, this is just a depressing game without Carson Wentz, that said Eagles. 49ers Titans, the Titans aren’t a good team, at all so I’m taking Jimmy G all day. Texans Jags, Jags. Saints Jets, just depressing after Josh McCown was ruled out for the year with a hand injury. Saints. Bengals Vikings, Vikings. Lot of bad games but also a lot of good ones, let’s get to it.
1. The Falcons and Buccaneers play each other Sunday and it isn’t an easy pick for me. Mainly because it’s the Falcons and despite a good win last week knowing Matt Ryan can implode at any moment makes me hesitant to take the dirty birds. Jameis Winston and Dirk Koetter are playing and coaching for their jobs. Backs to the wall equals an upset.

2. I will apologize to Dolphins fans, you looked like you were done and now you have a glimmer of hope. Do I think this team is a playoff team? No. Winning more games than the Chargers? Get out of here. Could they go 8-8? It would not shock me. Jay Cutler won’t play as he did Monday night forever, but Miami will ride the momentum and beat the Bills.

3. A must win for a Cowboys team one week away from Zeke? Against the Raiders? The Raiders who are a ghost of themselves? The Raiders who got filleted by the Chiefs? The Raiders that have Jack Del Rio on the hot seat? Ya I’m taking the Cowboys.
4. Rams Seahawks, for the division. It really doesn’t get much bigger than this, doesn’t get this much better for Jared Goff either. The Seahawks are without most of their starting defense now including all pro linebacker Bobby Wagner. This game will be nothing like the late September tilt between these two teams. This game will be a high scoring firework affair. It comes down to who you trust in a shootout. I trust Wilson……but Goff has an offensive mastermind and a defense rounding into form. Rams in one of the best games of the year.

5. The return of Aaron Rodgers. This is what we have all long awaited for. The Panthers are a team that look like they can implode at any moment. Rodgers might not be 100 percent but this is a nice warm up game. The Packers escape with a win.
6. Patriots Steelers, this one is for all the marbles. Whoever wins this game will have the number one seed and the Steelers do not want the road to the Super Bowl to go through Foxboro. The Steelers are coming off a thrilling Sunday night victory and the Patriots off an embarrassing loss to the Dolphins. The key to a Steelers win will lie in shutting down the run and hitting Tom Brady. I don’t think they can do either so I’m taking the Patriots. This game is going to be much higher scoring than most people think I trust Tom Brady in a shootout though.

7. Chargers Chiefs, in arrowhead this one is for the division. The Chargers are the most explosive team in the league right now. It’s hard to see the Chiefs getting stops against a great Chargers team that could easily be a 3 loss team if two kicks go their way. I’m taking the Chargers and red hot Phillip Rivers.


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