Week 16 Preview: Zeke is Back, The Cowboys Are Back.

Week 16 is upon us and it’s Christmas. Lots of games but some bare little meaning. So, let’s get those games out of the way fast.

Ravens Colts- The Ravens pummel bad teams and the Colts are a bad team. The Ravens offense has taken off lately expect them to have a big week again.
Vikings Packers- No Aaron Rodger equals a game that the Vikings should roll in.
Broncos Redskins- Some things to watch for in this game. Does Paxton Lynch play? Can the Redskins protect Kirk Cousins against the Broncos pass rush?

Browns Bears- This is it, the last stand to protect from 0-16. The Browns have a more talented roster offensively in this game but I’m taking the better coach. Jon Fox, listen he’s a bad coach but he’s better than Hue Jackson. I’ll take awful coach over 0-14 coach any day.

Cardinals Giants- The Giants just played their best offensive game of the season in a loss to Philadelphia. I expect them to continue that this week against a Cardinals team that just wants this season to end. The same could be said for the Giants though, two teams looking to next year.
Steelers Texans- Antonio Brown will not play in this game, no excuses though. If the Steelers don’t blow out this Texans team there should be serious concern, good teams beat down on bad teams. I’m so sick of the Steelers and their excuses. Who cares if you’re playing on the road? Take care of this team, blow out the Texans show me something. I don’t believe in this team.

Raiders Eagles- A game that could be deceptively competitive if the Eagles defense plays like they did last week. I expect them to rebound though, a semi easy win for the Eagles.
Panthers Buccaneers: Panthers. Easy I don’t see the Buccs being competitive.
Moving on to the meaningful games of the week.
Lions Bengals: Don’t look now but the Lions could sneak into the playoffs. They just need to beat two lifeless teams in the Bengals and Packers and hope the Falcons stumble. The Bengals on the other hand are just another team who can’t wait for an utterly disappointing season to end.

Rams Titans: I need to put this in writing, the Titans are losing out. I hope they do, I don’t need them in the playoffs. They have no real identity, they run the ball but insist on keeping a clearly hurt Demarco Murray as the starter in the backfield. Marcus Mariota is dealing with a knee injury. The Rams on the other hand get a defense that was carved apart by the Niners last week. I expect a blood bath, wouldn’t be shocked if the Rams dropped 50.

Dolphins Chiefs: The Chiefs should take care of this game. That being said, who knows? I just can’t get that 8 game stretch out of my head. Maybe Jay Cutler balls out and beats down on the Chiefs, although it seems highly unlikely. You never know, I’m still taking the Chiefs.

Bills Patriots: Another game that the Pats should easily take. The Bills might keep this game close but it is highly unlikely. You never know though it is Buffaloes last stand. Sean Mcdermott has been one of the best coaches in the league this year, I could see this game being close.

Falcons Saints: Matt Ryan has played below average this year, the Falcons have beaten bad teams, Alvon Kamara was not involved in this matchup earlier in the month. All that equals a Saints blow out. I truly think that the Saints will control this game from start to finish. Matt Ryan won’t survive if he throws three picks this time.

Chargers- Jets: The Chargers had their Charger game last week. This week against Bryce Petty, simple I’m taking the Chargers.
Jaguars 49ers: I’m taking the Jags in what will be the best game of the week.
Seahawks Cowboys: No defense on either side, Zeke back, I smell a shootout. The Cowboys knock the Seahawks out of playoff contention, Zeke goes off. The Cowboys might not end up in the playoffs but they will be the most fun to watch up until the playoffs.


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