Week 6 NFL Guide. Can the Jets keep it close against the Pats? The Answer: Maybe

1. Will the Falcons offense regain dominance? Before the Bye week questions were starting to creep in about the Falcons offense after lack luster passing performances in Detroit and Buffalo. Against the Bills Matt Ryan only had 242 yards and two interceptions. That is far less than the explosive offense of last year and even 2015. The Atlanta defense has been good but they are not good enough to win games. Luckily the Dolphins defense isn’t that good. The Falcons need to run the ball this week. Use what can be a dominant ground game and let Matt Ryan re gain confidence and be a game manager.

2. How will the Vikings defense deal with the Packers offense? Aaron Rodgers has never won in the Vikings new stadium, just a fun fact. The Defense at home is top five in the league and maybe Case Keenum can do just enough, however that is going to be hard with Stefon Diggs out. This game is going to be close and low scoring though.
3. Can the Lions offense bounce back, and protect Matthew Stafford against the Saints? Stafford was absolutely waxed all game against Carolina. The Panthers got six sacks, that can’t happen again this week. Assuming this is a shootout Matt Stafford will need to stay upright to show off one of the top 5 arms in the NFL.

4. The Patriots and Jets, the Patriots will win this game. However, the Jets will keep it close. Why? The Patriots O line is playing like putrid peewee garbage and the Pats defense still has some holes. Don’t be shocked if the Pats only win by one score, seriously this is how wild this could get, especially because this is in the Meadowlands.
5. The Redskins could run away with this game early. The Niners offense will eventually get it together but not this week. Washington has had a week to regroup and relax. Expect Kirk Cousins to have a massive game maybe even a career game. Navarro Bowman was cut earlier today and that of course hurts a defense that now lacks veteran leadership. However they get Reuben Foster back. That is a major addition because Foster was the fastest player I saw in the preseason and extremely fun to watch.

6. Another rough defense for a young Mitchell Trubisky. Trubisky has had an awful stretch of games to get into the NFL. So how does he beat the Ravens defense. Run the ball, use the Jags strategy, run the ball throw play action and lean on a great defense against a bad Baltimore offense.
7. Will Myles Garrett have two sacks again? What do you want from me? This game is going to be awful. Dear god, the Texans are going to blow out a poor unsuspecting Browns team. Get healthy game for the Texans, oh wait.

8. Jameis Winston needs to have a big game against the Cardinals or else the Buccaneers are dead. The Saints Panthers and Falcons are all better teams than the Buccs in my opinion. The Cardinals debut Adrian Peterson and this could go really good or very very bad very quickly. If Winston plays a great game and avoids turnovers the Buccaneers win. If the Cardinals are able to run the ball even a little bit better than they have early and take pressure off Palmer, not hard to do, the Cardinals win this game.
9. Who wins Jaguars Rams? Is this a lazy question? No, this is a tossup game. Either the Jags defense shows up and puts the Rams in crunch time or the Jags defense doesn’t show up and the Rams win handily.

10. What Steelers do we see Sunday? The awful self loathing Steelers, probably. Or maybe over night Tomlin fixes everything but im pretty anti Tomlin right now so I am taking the Chiefs.
11. How fragile is Derek Carr? Listen people under rate the Chargers pass rush but it will only haunt you. The Raiders line has not been great this year and if Bosa wrecks Carr, what’s next? I would be extremely scared if I’m a Raiders fan. Your franchise QB might be one hit away from a season ending injury. The game itself though is massive for the Raiders. They need a win against a less than mediocre Chargers team.

12. The Broncos could shut out the Giants? The Broncos could shut out the Giants. Very high probability the Broncos shut out the Giants. The Broncos will allow 3 points at most, that’s a fact. Lock it up.
13. Colts over Titans.


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