Week 8 PSF Power Rankings

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We are eight weeks through the Season and guess what the power rankings have changed from week four. So how do I get these rankings? I developed a formula with four categories in which teams can score from 1-5, offense, defense, eye test, intangibles. What are the last two? The eye test is basically how watchable you are you could be 4-3 but by pure luck and a total eye sore, cough cough, Dolphins. Intangibles are what a team should be in my mind. Even if a team gets a great score they may not rank exactly in that position. The scores are mainly to provide a point to start the Ranking process at, it’s all purely opinion feel free to @ me. Enjoy, week 4 positions are in parentheses
Eric Jensen @Eric18utah
1. Philadelphia (11) 19.5
2. New England (8) 16
3. Seattle (12) 16.5
4. Minnesota (13) 16.5
5. Kansas City (1) 15.5
The contenders. These are the teams that really have the best shot at winning the Super Bowl right now even though there is, so much football left to play. The Eagles are all around a perfect team right now, hence the best score I have ever given a team in power rankings this year(the Chiefs got an 18.5 in week 4). New England’s defense has figured out how to be average and that is all they need. Minnesota can win a Super Bowl, even with Case Keenum at QB, Keenum is playing well enough to score 20 points again and then let the defense shut the game out. Kansas Cities defense has really hurt them but after Mondays dismantling of the Broncos they look back on track.
6. New Orleans (20) 15.5
7. Pittsburgh (17) 15.5
8. Los Angeles (3) 14.5
9. Buffalo (4) 14.5
10. Jacksonville (28) 16
Old names and teams of the future. The Saints have the best team they have had really since the last time they won the Super Bowl. The defense is winning them games and Drew Brees and the passing game hasn’t even hit its stride yet. Pittsburgh had a wakeup call against Jacksonville and now look like the team we expected them to be, just in a different way, with defense leading the way. The Rams offense has slowed down a little bit but they are winning in different ways now. That is usually a sign of a team that can make a playoff run. The Bills were probably too high in my last power rankings, but they are certainly a top ten NFL team. The Jaguars have a defense that can win games and Blake Bortles hasn’t been awful this year. So, they grab the ten spots. Also because they are the best AFC South team even with the Texans offense surging.
11. Houston (10) 15
12. Dallas (19) 13.5
13. Washington (9) 13
14. Carolina (16) 12.5
15. Los Angeles Chargers (22) 12.5
If things break right. If things break right for these teams, then they can make a massive difference in this NFL Season. The Texans are almost a top ten team, but they need to string some wins together to really be taken seriously. The Cowboys lost Zeke Monday night but up to this point they were playing lights out. Washington is really struggling right now but if they can get it together they can be right back in the race. Carolina is in dire need of a winning streak and a running game. The Chargers are just hanging on.
16. Atlanta (5) 11.5
17. Cincinnati (24) 10.5
18. Green Bay (2) 12
19. Detroit (6) 10.5
20. Denver (7) 8
Barely breathing. Atlanta has struggled mightily throughout this entire season and got a big win against the Jets Sunday. The Bengals are better than their record shows. Green Bay well I mean no Aaron Rodgers gives them an excuse we’ve only seen one game of Hundley so we cant really make a judgement quite yet. Detroit can’t protect Stafford, or score in the red zone, or pick up short yardage. The Broncos are a tire fire, fueled by a lack of quality weapons and a rash of offensive line injuries plus the fact Trevor Siemian isn’t that great a QB apparently.
21. New York Jets (25) 11
22. Chicago Bears (27) 11.5
The Best bad teams. New York and Chicago are just that, two teams that are going to be entertaining every week but ultimately lose most of the time. The Jets have a surprisingly dynamic offense and the Bears have a top ten defense but the Jets defense holds them back and the Bears offense keeps them limited.
23. Titans (15) 7.5
24. Ravens (26) 8.5
25. Raiders (18) 7.5
26. Giants (30) 8.5
Teams disappointing their fathers. All these teams were supposed to be frisky playoff caliber teams none of them are fun to watch right now. Yes, when Mariota gets healthy the Titans will get better, but their running game has really slowed down recently. The Ravens are a head scratcher week in and week out. The Raiders and Giants as the title of this group suggests are disappointments.
27. Miami (31) 6
28. Indianapolis (32) 5.5
29. Arizona (21) 5.5
Meh teams, with meh expectations, that are meh. Not much more to say here.
30. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (14) 5
Totally and completely disowned by their parental figures after colossal failure that damages family name. Well for a team with such high expectations the season couldn’t really be going any worse.
31. San Francisco (23) 4
How haven’t you won a game yet? Well you get close and then lose. Hey you scammed the Pats and grabbed Jimmy G though you’ll be back in the playoffs within the next 2 years, guaranteed.
32. Cleveland (29) 4
The Browns. A hopeless pit of despair with no sign of the long spoke covenant of mediocrity. All is lost, abort the mission. Sail into the night and embrace the tears of the fallen. Row row forward. Fight the Ohio winds and battle to the never coming morning. You are the storm you are fighting so desperately against.


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