Week 9 Game Picks and C- Analysis for C- Games By Eric Jensen

I won’t lie to you this week of NFL games lacks intrigue. I give it a C- but hey Cs get degrees. So here are my week nine picks with some C- analysis. Enjoy.

Eagles 20 Broncos 14
The Denver defense will keep Wentz down for a while but the offense doesn’t have enough to win this game.
Ravens 28 Titans 13
Ravens defense continues being hot and Alex Collins runs all over a weak Titans defense.
Saints 21 Buccaneers 10
Buccaneers don’t have it anymore.
Rams 24 Giants 13
Jared Goff has a nice bounce back game to remind us he is also a great young QB.
Falcons 27 Panthers 14
Falcons keep getting their offense on track.
Jaguars 20 Bengals 10
Jaguars get an early lead and shut it down.
Colts 31 Texans 17
Deshaun Watsons injury is so depressing. It pretty much ruins the AFC, Jacoby Bissett goes off in this game.
Cardinals 24 49ers 13
Adrian Peterson runs up and down the field on the Niner’s we see Jimmy G in the fourth Quarter and gets two garbage time touchdowns.
Seahawks 38 Redskins 24
Russell Wilson throws five touchdowns, Kirk Cousins bounces back and has a good game.
Cowboys 38 Chiefs 35
Zeke helps the Cowboys grab a big win against the Chiefs. Side note, take the suspension Zeke you are hurting the Cowboys!
Raiders 17 Miami 9
Bad game, SNF, don’t watch, end of story.
Packers 24 Lions 17


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