Week 9 QB Rankings: Brady Retakes The Number One Spot, With Wentz on his Coat Tails.

1. Tom Brady (3): Tom Brady has been playing like an MVP all year, now the defense has caught up and it helps show off Brady’s excellence even more. The most impressive thing about brady is somehow at his age he has gained Aaron Rodgers like pocket mobility. There seems to be only one place for Brady to go and as always, the direction is up.

Brady edit.jpg
2. Carson Wentz (2): Why is Wentz 2? Because he isn’t Tom Brady. Consider it more of a tie for one. As a Broncos fan the way Wentz demolished my teams defense made me fall in love with him. He is my pick for MVP he has 23 touchdowns the most through 9 weeks since Dan Marino. I think his production might fall off a little in the coming weeks but he is the real deal for the next 10 years in Philly.

wentz 2.jpg
3. Drew Brees (4): I’ll be honest, I don’t appreciate Bree’s enough and if Watson and Rodgers were still playing he would not make the top 5. However, though the Saints are running the ball now Bree’s looks like he hasn’t lost a step. He is just impressive as Brady and people like me need to give him more respect.

4. Alex Smith (2): Smith’s production continues to be good just look at the stat line he put up in Oakland. He threw his first interception in Dallas, that is quite impressive. Don’t let the floundering Chiefs fool you, it isn’t Alex Smiths fault.

5. Jared Goff (10): Goff hasn’t had to be a special passer this year but his performance against the listless Giants gets him this boost. I don’t care who you’re playing four touchdown passes is impressive. Goff’s 67 yarder to Sammy Watkins was a big time throw so he gets a big time spot in the top 5.



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