What if Kobe came back?

As fans celebrate Mamba turning the big 40 he went ahead and made it clear that he is never returning to the game of basketball, well at least not as a player.


Last week rumors starting flying of Kobe  coming out of retirement to play in the BIG3 league but his agent went and shut that down as well. People thought that he may come back to play along Lebron in LA but now that will forever be a dream. The fans will continue to hope but one day we have to let that dream die….but what if? What if Kobe came back?


What if Kobe played alongside Lebron in LA?

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This is all hypothetical fun but you can not do anything but wonder what would that be like. For years we anticipated Kobe and Lebron battling each other for rings but we never got that chance. Kobe dominated on his time and when his time of dominance ended Lebron took over. These 2 players are in 2 different classes but there different skill sets could make music on the court if they played together.


Plus we cannot forget the level of young talent all around him that all have a little bit of mamba mentality in them.

Would Kobe still be Kobe?

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Kobe will always be Kobe and even 2 years removed he would probably still be one of the best scorers in the game. Over his long and legendary career Kobe averaged:


25 PPG/5REBs/4.7AST


Not too mention he is a 5 time NBA champion along with other accolades in his career. In his final year in the league is he averaged 17.6PPG/4REBs/3AST. But he went out with a bang dropping 60 against the Utah Jazz in his final game of his NBA career. 2 years removed i dont think Kobe would drop under 15 ppg if he came back and played alongside Lebron. Like i said this is all hypothetical so if i had to say Kobe would average 19/4/5 this upcoming season if he had returned. Lebron and Lonzo are both really good playmakers and i’m sure they would set up easy buckets for Kobe.


When it comes to 5 assist, Kobe would have Lebron of course who could score, Lonzo can knock down the 3 and create his own shots( even if he is inconsistent at times) and Kobe would be loaded with a bunch of scorers and shot creators that would make it easy for him to average 5 assist a night while playing maybe 25-30 mins a game.


Business or Passion?

A Kobe Bryant return to play alongside Lebron James would be all passion on his end but could it be a little bit of business? Seriously just think about how much the tickets would go up just to see both of these guys dawning purple and gold together for a season. Jersey sales, endorsement deals, commercials, hell even a LeKobe shoe would be created for witnessing history.

Never would we ever get to see 2 high profile hall of famers that stand alongside jordan as GOATs play on the same team ever again so you bet that it’s all passion for Kobe but you better believe that Jeanie and Magic would take that opportunity to make the most money out of this situation.


Could they win a championship?

The Lakers are automatically a playoff team with the addition of Lebron James. In the wild wild west even with Kobe they would probably finish 3rd seed at best but just to be safe lets say they are the 4th seed. They would probably make it out of the first round and i think Kobe’s ppg would go up to 22 ppg just because of his playoff experience and hunger.


A first round exit wouldn’t happen with this revamped Lakers team but i think a 2nd round exit would be the end of Kobes come back campaign as they would drop to the Rockets 4-2. Even with Kobe and Lebron and all of the talent that Magic has on this Lakers team i don’t think it would be possible for them to take down the Rockets and not even the Warriors.


*What if he joined the BIG3 league?

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The BIG3 league is growing and a lot of the vets are apart of it, but none i think would want any part of Kobe. I mean come on man it’s Kobe, even the best players in the BIG3 league wouldnt be able to do anything with him. Just because its 3 on 3 does not change the fact that Kobe is one of the best scorers in the game and defenders.


Ice Cube said he is not stopping, he wants Kobe in the BIG 3 league plus Kobe in the BIG3 league will bring more viewership and more hall of famers coming out of retirement to show they can still ball. Kobe would be just the beginning, Ice Cube should go for Uncle Drew’s entire team from the movie minus Nate Robinson because he is already there.


Hands down Kobe would come in the best player in that League and whatever team he plays for will be championship favorites. I think Kobe would score the most points per game, win the league MVP and the championship in his first year.


We all miss Kobe and it’s hard not to want him back especially after dropping 60 in your final game of your career showing shades of vintage Mamba. He may have said never but never say never. The only thing we can wonder is what if? What do you think would happen if Kobe came back?


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