What makes Trea Turner so special?

Trea Turner a 23 year old speed demon, versitable player for the Washington Nationals. Trea Turner attended NC State during his college career. He was drafted by the San Diego Padres in the first round of the 2014 draft, he was then traded to the Nationals in 2015.

In 2016 Trea Turner was outstanding. Turner hit .342/.370/.567 along with 13 home runs 33 stolen bases in just 307 at bats.

So let’s dive into these numbers…

In 307 at bats he stole 33 bags which is a stolen base in 10.7 of his at bats

The league leader in stolen bases (Jonathon Villar) had a 10.5%

In 2016 he hit .342 which would have been third in batting average in the league. Ahead of Jose Altuve

In 2016 Turner hit 13 home runs in 307 at bats which is about 4.2%

In 2016 Carlos Gonzalez’s home run rate was as well 4.2%

Not to mention Turner’ OPS was .937 in 2016

Who would that have finished in front of?

Arenado .932

Rizzo .928

Altuve .928

Betts .897

Also Turner started games at CF, SS, and 2B which is great versatility especially being able to move to the outfield like he had done last year.

So what does this lead to?

A 23 year old with…

Better stolen base/per AB than Villar

Better Contact ability than Altuve

Even power than Carlos Gonzalez

I higher OPS than Arenado, Betts, and Rizzo

A player capable of not only player both middle infielder positions, someone you could plug in to CF.

Pretty good, huh?

While some could say he was just a fluke, only time can tell, but for the mean time Trea Turner needs to be taken very seriously otherwise he will capitalize on it.


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