What the Jay Cutler move means for Kaepernick, The Jets 2018 starter, and more.

Jay Cutler signed with the Dolphins earlier this morning. This comes after the news that Ryan Tannehill has a partially torn ACL. So what does this mean for the QB scenarios from around the rest of the league? Let’s take a trip.
Let’s begin in South Beach.
With Cutler, the Dolphins have a shot at a winning season. A playoff berth? Probably not that was somewhat unlikely even with Tannehill but Cutler makes the Dolphins watchable. In the Adam Gase system Cutler threw 21 touchdowns and 11 interceptions in one of the best years of his career. If anyone can bring out the best of Cutler it is Gase. I like this signing by the Dolphins I think Miami is a great place for Cutler. With middle of the road expectations, Cutler could really impress, although I must say I was looking forward to Cutler in the commentary role.

Moving to Baltimore
The onus is now all on the Ravens. If Kaepernick doesn’t get a job there I doubt we will see him in the NFL again. If Harbaugh is really serious about Kap then he has to make a case to Ozzie Newsome. The Ravens best option at QB is now Kaepernick. So they should go get him. One more thing, Kaepernick is not being black balled. No one is conspiring to keep him out of the league he has had three teams have major interest in him (Ravens, Dolphins, Seahawks) That’s not being blackballed it’s a being a guy who only fits into specific NFL systems. Kap doesn’t fit in the Gase system. It is as simple as that.

The Brock Osweiler Camp
With the possible Osweiler Gase reunion in Miami no longer an option we have most likely seen the end of Osweiler playing meaningful snaps in the NFL. Unless Brock wins the job in Cleveland which sounds unlikely he will be cut. So ends the Brock Osweiler era from promising young superstar to washed out third string QB.

browns oswieler
To the CBS commentary booth
This cements Tony Romo’s retirement. There is no need for a QB like him in the league anymore and at this point, he is too far into prepping to call games to abort his retirement.

We end back in south beach, in Ryan Tanehills humble abode.
Tannehill will have a year to recoup but if Cutler performs as well as he did in 2015 it has to be wondered if the Dolphins would look to move Tannehill. One potential spot if Cutler succeeds this year would be the Jets. If the Dolphins offered the Jets Tannehill for their 2018 pick assuming it is in the top five, the Jets might take it. Thus ushering out Jay Cutler in Miami and giving Gase a chance to draft and mold a QB he wants. Think about it the biggest winner of this signing might be Gase.

Ryan Tannehill


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