What We Learned from Sundays day games.

1. Carson Wentz is electric. Wentz escaped the entire Washington defensive line of the Eagles first touchdown of the day. While his mechanics still look a little bit shaky they are not nearly as bad as last year. He certainly has more pocket awareness.

2. Wentz improves a lot due to his receiving core. Alshon Jeffery and Torey Smith give Wentz to big targets down the field. Which he must learn to use correctly, Wentz threw a lot of near deep picks. His chemistry and decision making must get better as the year goes on.


3. This is not the Kirk Cousins we saw last year. The Washington offense looks like a tire fire. Cousins had several high throws and seemed to lack timing with Terelle Pryor. Pryor also had issues with two bad drops. Robert Kelley might be the bright spot in this offense and that is not a good thing.

4. If Ronald Darby misses extended time that isn’t a good sign for this Eagles defense. Until Darby went down this Eagles defense looked shut down in coverage. He adds speed to that secondary without Darby though the secondary becomes a weakness. The front 7 is dominant though Derek Barnett continues to impress. Frederick Cox won the game for Philly on a strip sack.


5. Tarik Cohen is a speedy quick guy that can make it in this league. Yes, it is only week one but I believe in Cohen he has the receiving prowess as well, reminds me of a Daren Sproles type.

6. Austin Hooper dominated. Hooper had just two receptions but had 128 yards and a touchdown on which he threw a nasty stiff arm to a bears defender and dragged himself to the pylon.


7. Akiem Hicks and this defense held tight against the Falcons. Hicks had 2 sacks on the day but the more impressive stat is the fact that the bears held the Falcons to only 23 points and under 400 yards. That may not sound super impressive but considering the power of this offense it is. Chicago has a lot more to be excited about than I thought but until they start Trubisky they will continue to lose.

8. The Bills won against the Jets, decisively and that’s a big deal. Maybe the Bills aren’t as bad as we originally thought. I’m not saying there a playoff team but maybe they won’t be a bottom two team in the league.


9. The Jags defense can win some games. The Jacksonville defense is insane. Myles Jack dominated with 8 tackles and Calais Campbell had four sacks on the Texans offense which was stonewalled all day. It isn’t anything to get playoff hopes up for but I am excited to watch this defense every week.

10. Beast mode is still beast mode. Im not buying in on Lynch as a fantasy option yet but he can still play and adds another dimension to that offense.


11. Derek Carr is going to be a consensus top 3 QB at the end of this year. Carr worked the Titans pass defense. Throwing for 262 yards and 2 touchdowns.

12. The Ravens defense is fierce. That’s it they stonewalled the Bengals who look pretty damn awful on offense. Joe Mixon needs more work he only had 9 yards in his debut. Man this Ravens d reminds me of the 2015 Broncos though.


13. Though the Browns lost, Deshone Kizer was a winner. Kizer threw for over 200 yards a touchdown and an interception. It’s a good start, Kizer makes the Browns fun to watch.

14. TJ Watt played better than his big brother. Watt had 7 tackles 2 sacks and an interception. Watt shouldn’t surprise anyone, he dominated in the preseason. He adds a much needed true pass rusher to the Black and Gold defense.


15. Lev Bell let fantasy owners down. Maybe you shouldn’t have skipped all offseason programming Lev! Also, Martavis Bryant let me down in a big spot.

16. Seattle’s O line is the worst I have ever seen. I’m a Broncos fan and I have seen some bad o lines. The fact Green Bay dominated the O line is proof enough. This defense is one of the worst in the league and the Seattle line made them look elite.


17. Seattle’s defense held Rodgers down for most of the game. They look fantastic and will have to be the best if Seattle wants to win any games this year. In other words my Super Bowl pick is completely ruined this team is going to have a hard time winning over 10 games.

18. Chuck Pagano is gone. Sorry but when you get blown out by the Rams one of the worst offensive teams last year in week one 47-9 with or without Andrew Luck your teams needs a re boot. On the other side Jared Goff has hope. He destroyed a team he was supposed to destroy and Todd Gurley looks like a boss.


19. Cam Newton was the highlight in a game that was supposed to be dominated by the running backs. That shoulder looks fine Newton hit guys deep all day long and looked spectacular from the pocket. It was good to see Cam be Cam again.


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