What We Learned From the Celtics Against Golden State Tonight

The Celtics just beat the Warriors in a 92-88 game that was a back and fourth thriller that came down to the very end. This was a signature win for the Celtics this season increasing their impressive winning streak to 14 games.

The Celtics Defense:

The Celtics showed they’re the best defensive team in the league without a doubt holding the best offensive team to under 90 points. The Celtics forced 15 turnovers, had 8 steals and 5 blocks. The hustle this team pursues night and night out is like no other team in the league. The Celtics were all over the Warriors making every possession as difficult as possible especially Jaylen Brown playing tremendous defense on KD. Brad Stevens has this defense on a level we’ve never seen from the Celtics since 2008.

Brad Stevens:

Brad Stevens is easily the COY favorite right now. The way he motivates this team to make big runs and draws up plays is just incredible. One of the biggest plays of the game was an out of bounds play where Kyrie usually gets a screen and gets the ball in the corner, but Stevens drew up a play where Kyrie made a cut to the basket and got and and 1 to take the lead off of. Kerr complimented Stevens on what he has done with this team 2 days ago and man did he mean it as he has his team winning 14 straight without their 2nd best player.

Kyrie Irving:

Kyrie had one of his worst games all season, until the end of the fourth. Kyrie completely took over the game down the stretch getting to the lane drawing fouls and making layups. He had 11 points down the stretch which led Boston to hold on to their lead against one of the better defensive teams in the league. Kyrie was obviously frustrated with his mask and was totally out of his funk all game and then took over at the end, that’s what stars do in this league and Kyrie was a perfect example of that tonight.

How Big of a threat are they in the East?

The Celtics to me look like the biggest threat in the East right now as they look better than the Cavs as a team who plays off of each other. The Cavs ball movement is kind of sloppy and they can’t defend. The Celtics play with pure effort and passion which separates the two teams. Based on talent the Cavs are better, but with Stevens at coach and the Celtics playing defense like this with the best closer in basketball is pretty damn hard to beat.


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