What we learned from the rest of week 2 of the Preseason.

1. There is no clear winner in this Browns QB battle. Both Oswieler and Kizer looked sub par Monday night. Though according to Hue Jackson we should know who the week one starter is within the next few days.
2. Odell will not play again until the regular season. The hit on Beckham at best was questionable. Legality aside, early reports indicate Beckham only has a sprained ankle. So, don’t expect to see Beckham in the third pre-season game. If Beckham were to be lost an already slightly frail receiving core would become one that revolved around Brandon Marshall. That wouldn’t be the worst situation in the world but Beckham is the difference between the Giants winning the Division and scraping into the playoffs as a Wildcard.
3. Jabrill Peppers is a beast. Returning punts making big hits this guy really does do it all. Personally I would put Peppers at Safety, play him in a Tyran Matheiu kind of role. A guy who can cover the back field but can lay the lumber at the line when need be. Also, it opens up all kinds of safety blitz plays for Gregg Williams.
4. James Connor is a sufficient backup for Leveon Bell. Connor looked good against the falcons. You can see how he and bell are similar when you watch him play. They both use similar cutting motions and Connor does have a slight semblance of Bells stutter step at the line.
5. The Falcons offense will be fine. After a second week of first team dominance I’m convinced the fall off for the Falcons will not be as great as we previously thought it would be. They should still be considered heavy favorites to win the Division.


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