What We learned from week 3: The NFL never disappoints on or off the Field.

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1. Trevor Siemian had the worst game of his career against the Bills. Despite a promising first half Siemians arm looked weak in the second half and his confidence just wasn’t there. Despite that the Broncos offense was able to move the ball most of the day to the red zone with Jamal Charles and CJ Anderson both running like they were in there primes. The Broncos didn’t win this game because they didn’t run the football enough. Siemian was forced to throw forty times but the Buffalo run defense was nothing special the Broncos lost because of poor QB play and poor play calling.
2. Blake Bortles played like Tom Brady throwing for four touchdowns and no interceptions in London. I woke up to the news that Blake Bortles was dominating the Ravens d and was shocked. Bortles looked so good in this game. The Jags are such a weird team, no one really knows what they are well see what happens in week four when they play the Jets, speaking of which.
3. No 0-16 year for the Jets, good for them. What we really learned in this game though is Just how bad Jay Cutler is and just how injured Jay Ajayi is. Ajayi was held to only 16 yards by a Jets front that dominated the Dolphins O line. Josh Mcown also had a fantastic day throwing for 249 and a touchdown. The Jets are still a bad team but a 4-5 win season is a realistic goal for them at this point.
4. The number one overall pick might go to the Browns who are in massive trouble after they lost to Indy without Andrew Luck. That being said Jacoby Brissett showed the promise he displayed in New England. Brisset threw for 259 yards and a touchdown and avoided mistakes while on the other side Deshone Kizer made every mistake he could taking only one sack this week but threw three interceptions. This is a major setback for the Browns rebuild I would start getting nervous in Cleveland if Hue Jackson can’t beat one of the worst defenses in the league his job has to be in Jeopardy.
5. Stop me if you have heard this before, the Mike Tomlin Steelers went and lost to one of the worst teams in the league on the road. It happened yet again as the Bears won in overtime after Jordan Howard and Tarik Cohen had big days again although Jordan Howard suffered an injury. I will keep preaching this until Jon Fox makes it so, now is the time to put in Trubisky give yourself a shot to make an early run at the division while Green Bay is struggling.
6. Although Matt Ryan threw 3 interceptions (two of which were the receivers fault) the Falcons still won after a last second touchdown was called back and a ten second run off ended the game. Golden Tate almost got to the goal line but was brought down inches shy. A heartbreaking loss offers a major setback for the Lions who have been my favorite NFC team to start the season. The Story of this game will be that the Falcons defense held Stafford to only one touchdown and forced Matt Prater to put up 14 points with his leg. Which he did so if its any consolation Lions your kicker had a great performance but he wasn’t the kicker of the week.
7. That award goes to rookie Jake Elliott who nailed a 61 yard field goal as time expired to give the Eagles a 27-24 win over the Giants. Credit to New York who seemed to find there offensive footing aka Odell Beckham Junior in the fourth quarter. Eli Still looked awful but the Numbers were improved because of Odell Beckham Juniors ridiculous touchdown catches and speed and solidifies my belief he is the most valuable wider receiver in the league. Carson Wentz is digressing slowly. He was nowhere near as impressive as in his first two games this week the Eagles found a way around that though running the ball 39 times. Legarette Blount and Wendell Smallwood combined for over 130 yards. Wentz is by no means a liability but he needs to realize his release is sometimes to high and needs to stop scrambling when there is not pressure or as NFL writer Chris Wesseling calls it “being frenetic in the pocket”
8. Drew Brees had a massive bounce back day destroying a Carolina Panthers defense that looked nothing like they did through week one and two. Cam Newton looked awful the shoulder is not right however Christian McCaffery got more involved with nine catches for 101 yards. The Saints defense looked good but not great they may not be bottom three.
9. Tom Brady changed the story line from a struggling defensive team that let the Texans and rookie passer Desaun Watson put up 33 points to how good Tom Brady still is with one throw. While getting decked by JJ Watt Brady threw a dart to new toy Brandin Cooks to give the pats a 36-33 win over the Texans. Cooks had a massive day grabbing 131 yards and two touchdowns from a Texans defense that was carved up by Brady in the second half. This team is so different when Rob Gronkowski is dominating. The Patriots attack even short handed looks to be unstoppable there is no argument currently Tom Brady is the best QB in the game.
10. Case Keenum and the Vikings beat the Buccaneers 34-17. Keenum had a career day throwing for over 300 yards and three touchdowns. More impressing though was Dalvin Cook who dominated the Buccaneers normally dominate run defense. If the Vikings can survive until Bradford or Bridgewater are back they can compete in a wide open NFC north.
11. The Titans offense is for real. If you can put up 33 points against Seattle’s defense you have won me over as a team. As for the Seahawks offense they seemed to finally find a groove. The line play was improved but not awful 33-27 Titans.
12. The Chiefs Beat the Chargers 24-10 but the Chargers defense kept this game close. Melvin Ingram had a great game as did Joey Bosa stuffing the run until Kareem hunt broke a big one to score a touchdown in the fourth that would put the game away for Kansas City. Philip Rivers threw several ill advised interceptions.
13. The Raiders lost in primetime and Derek Carr had the worst game of his career. On the other hand the fact that the Redskins held Oakland to ten points and put up twenty seven of their own is very impressive.
14. Never doubt the NFL for a lack of excitement in a week that looked bad on paper this Sunday was the best in about a year. The fact that the league had a great week on the field when all the pressure was shifted off field shows a lot about this league and the players in it. Keep it here on PSF all week as we have a lot of NFL content coming your way.


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