What we learned from Week 5, Are the Packers a Super Bowl lock? Do we need to respect the Jags?

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1. The NFC East is the Eagles to lose. Carson Wentz had a career day dropping four touchdowns on the Cardinals as the Eagles dominated 34-7. Meanwhile the Giants lost and lost their best wide receiver, Odell Beckham Junior has a fractured ankle, and look like they’re going to fall to 0-8. The Eagles look like they have a formula to be a playoff team, solid defense, good QB, and great running game. In fact, if Washington loses next week and Philly grabs a win, which will be tough against a great Carolina team, I am ready to lock up the Eagles winning that division.
2. Green Bay has something they haven’t had in about a half decade, a decent running game. Its only one week but Aaron Jones is a special running back and when Ty Montgomery comes back the Pack will have a dynamic running game. Of course, they won’t need that because Aaron Rodgers continues to be magic week in and week out. Again, we saw Rodgers lead a masterful last second drive to score a touchdown and win the game for the Pack. Seriously at this point its normal. Id say fix your defense, but I mean you don’t really have to when you have the greatest regular season QB of all time. (that’s right I love you Peyton, but Aaron is just game changing right now)
3. Teams we need to start respecting. To be clear, so I don’t get murdered verbally by fellow writer Chris Chastain @ChrisPSF, this does not mean these teams are the best in the league. It means that these weeks depending on who they play should be considered threats week to week. The Jaguars are one of those teams. Jacksonville has a top five defenses when they play to their full potential and one of the most overshadowed backs in the league, because of Kareem Hunt, in Leonard Fournette. If this team had a QB that didn’t make mistakes maybe they could win this division, but they have Blake Bortles. The other team is the Jets. The Jets have a decent QB in Josh McCown and a really good defense (probably top 10) They are not nearly as good as the Jaguars but they will beat bad teams and surprise some good teams. Unfortunately, they will also have to sit through waxing’s like next week against the Patriots. Small note on the Browns, what are you doing at QB? You had to know Kizer was going to have bumps in his rookie year, you can’t bench the kid. Kevin Hogan is not a solution.
4. The Bills could have just been a flash in the pan and end up being a total disappointment, or Cincinnati is much better than we think they are. Only time will tell. One things for sure AJ Green had a monster day.
5. The Raiders need to win a game. Even with Derek Carr they had lost two in a row if they lose to San Diego next week things could really spiral out of control. Oaklands defense is a laughing stock, on the positive side Marshawn Lynch had a good game against a tough Ravens defense.
6. The Seahawks defense bounced back big but it’s no reason to worry about the Rams. They are simply a young offense that ran into an experienced, elite, and frankly legendary defense. The test will be to see how they respond next week.
7. The Panthers offense is back on track in a big way and if Atlanta doesn’t fix itself the Panthers could return to supremacy in that division. Cam Newton off field tactics aside, the guy looks great. He shook off a rough first three week and in back to back games demolished defenses with 4 TD 300 plus yard days. On the other sideline the Lions look like a team deflated after a rough loss in which there fourth quarter luck simply ran out. Matthew Stafford needs better protection stat. The guy is getting waxed on every play.
8. The Colts can win the AFC South if they survive one more non-Andrew Luck week. Jacoby Brissett is no joke. The kid can play, is he a franchise guy? Yet to be seen. Can he fill in for a season and get you to 8-8,9-7? Absolutely. All he needs to do though is win until Andrew gets back and then the Colts have a shot at a wide-open AFC south.
9. The Chiefs are what, in several short response questions. Is Alex Smith a top ten QB? Absolutely anyone who tells you otherwise is ignoring the stat lines and game tape. Do the Chiefs have an unstoppable running game? No, the Texans slowed it down and others will follow their cues. Follow up, does that mean the running game is bad? No it is still the best in the league but there is an answer to it. Is the Chiefs defense good enough to shut down the AFCs top tier offenses’? I don’t know yet, the Texans got some points on this team even if it was all garbage time. Are the Chiefs a Super Bowl Contender? No. Why? Because until I see a convincing playoff win I will always have a sliver of doubt about this team.


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