What We Learned from Week 8, Time to Start Recognizing Russell Wilson Again.

Week 8 is in the books here’s what we learned.



1.       Case Keenum threw the ball 43 times Sunday and only turned it over once. That’s an incredible win for the Vikings who tormented a bad Browns defense as they were supposed to.




2.       The Bills continue to force turnovers. The Raiders turned the ball over 3 times and the Buffalo Bills offense moved the ball through Lesean McCoy as the Bills won 34-14. A Chargers loss has kept the Raiders somewhat in the mix, but they must win out to even have a chance to snag the playoffs. Right now, the 5-2 Bills are cruising and if they can beat the Patriots once perhaps win this division. You don’t want to go to Buffalo they are undefeated at home.




3.       A last second interception de railed one of Jacoby Bissett’s finest games and showed why he has a long way to go. Brissett played really well but he still throws unecessary throws that become interceptions and holds the ball to long. On the other side Andy Dalton again had one of the better days of his career. The Bengals need to keep winning but in a wide-open AFC north, but they certainly aren’t done yet. HAND THE BALL TO JOE MIXON MORE THAN 11 TIMES A GAME!





4.       Tom Brady is ageless, that’s been said before but it showed again today and the greatest of all time dismantled the Chargers and put up 333 yards yet only one touchdown. A bad showing for the Chargers but Melvin Gordon looked back to healthy and ran for 132 yards and a touchdown. A loss by Oakland keeps San Diego in the playoff race. It isn’t looking good for one of my favorite teams.




5.       The Saints defense won this game for the Saints. Yes, a touchdown for the Bears got called back and should have been. New Orleans should be the favorite to lock up this game by division and here is why.




6.       Carolina beat Tampa Bay but both these teams still have problems. For Tampa it is Jameis Winston who in a word this year has been disappointing. Winston threw two killer interceptions and the run game was stymied for only 85 yards. On the other side Carolina still cannot run the ball. Newton was there leading rusher with 44 yards.





7.       The Falcons bounced back and beat a feisty Jets team in a comeback. Let’s look at the Jets first, playoff team? No. Fun team to watch week in and week out? Absolutely. Are the Falcons done with their offensive woes? Probably not but they’re getting better and at the right time, the Falcons need to keep pace with the Saints.




8.        The Eagles did their job and embarrassed the forty niners. How they did it was a bit different. A slow offensive start without Jason Peters but the defense stepped up in a big way. It is truly a sign of a dominant team, those that can win multiple ways.




9.       Russell Wilson deserves your respect. There are four truly great Quarterback’s in this league. Those who no matter the coaching or talent around them will succeed. Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, and Russell Wilson. No matter who he has around him Wilson and the Seahawks always find a way to get it done on offense. The Seahawks have hit their November hot streak early and should once again be Super Bowl contenders. They were my Super Bowl pick and they are rounding into shape at just the right time. Deshaun Watson was able to carve up the Seahawks defense though this week and should be considered one of the most promising young QB’s in the league if he wasn’t already. This truly was one of the best games of the year. A shootout that went until the end. Final score 41-38 both Watson and Wilson finished with over 400 yards and four touchdowns. The difference, Watsons 3 interceptions.





10.   Zeke is back. 33 carries 133 yards and two touchdowns as the Cowboys beat the Redskins 33-19. Kirk Cousin looked average and threw a late pick six that ended the game. The Cowboys look ready to go.




11.   Ju Ju Smith Schuster has locked up the second receiver spot in Pittsburgh. The Steelers went with a smart game plan tonight utilize young talent. They gave the ball to Lev Bell 25 times, still a lot yes but not nearly as much as the last 2 weeks. Ben threw a good game but continues to look like he’s falling off father times cliff. For the Lions this is a hard loss to swallow. They out gain Pittsburgh by about 100 yards (482 to 392) and still lost this game. 0-5 in the red zone, it was Matthew Stafford’s best performance since week 3 and they still fell short. Next week’s game against Green bay becomes monumentally important for the Lions if they want to keep up with the Vikings.



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