What We learned from Week threes main slate of games.

The Chargers offense is one to watch this year. While the offensive line has struggled at point Philip Rivers continues to look like a top ten QB. Keenan Allen looks fully recovered from the knee injury. Travis Benjamin looked great as well. Though his career started rocky in Cleveland he has found his niche in the NFL as one of the leagues best slot receivers. I would be shocked if he wasn’t featured heavily in this offense.
2. Jared Goff, started strong, then collapsed. Goff started the game with a nice drive and several great throws. Then he got to the red zone, fumbled the ball and on the very next drive threw a head scratcher into a group of three Chargers that resulted in an interception. Goff has moments, has promise, has potential to be a Russell Wilson like QB. He also has moments where you wonder how he went first overall. He’s an intriguing guy to watch, make sure you tune into the Rams this year.

3. Jon Brown looks back in form, so does Carson Palmer, that spells success for the Cards. Brown dominated in 2015 when the Cards were at the height of their power. This offense looks like it’s ticking again, and that’s good, not only for the Cardinals but for football. The NFL is a better place when the NFC West is competitive and it’s shaping up to be an intriguing division.
4. As my good friend, @Chicubscoverage on Twitter told me, we can learn very little from the preseason, stay away from sweeping predictions. I will. This Falcons offense looked lackluster in the first half. Nothing to worry about with the Falcons though this offense has looked good in the past two preseason games. The Super Bowl hangover will be brief for Atlanta, if there is one at all.
5. The Tampa Bay offense struggled once again though. It’s something to watch going into the season. Perhaps this offense will need some time to warm up.
6. Brock Osweiler is not going to be on the Cleveland Browns come week one. He was not the first or second QB to start. Cody Kessler is the backup for this team but the Browns need to keep Brock for a little while longer because……
7. If Kizer starts it is not going to end well. The Browns first four games are insanely hard. Kizer struggled mightily.
8. Jordan Taylor is quickly becoming Trevor Siemian’s favorite target. Siemian needs to find a third guy to look too and Taylor provides that.
9. CJ Anderson looks good. Anderson found the holes and punished this Packers defense. I said it about a month ago and I will say it again. Anderson could have a big year if he stays healthy. Jamal Charles showed one or two flashes of what he used to be. He may not make this team but if he does, expect him to be a third down burst back.
10. The Boys will be fine without Zeke. Dak Prescott has once again dominated the pre season. The kid is an undeniable talent. Also, that offensive line is so dominant. Alfred Morris and Darren Mcfadden put up combined Zeke like numbers. Speaking of Zeke he got a drive in, 6 runs for 18 yards.
11. Amari Cooper torched the Cowboys defense. Four receptions for 78 yards and a touchdown. Cooper struggled near the end of last year. It is clear those struggles are no more.
12. Tom Savage has the Texans job, for now. It would not shock me if we saw Watson come in and steal the starting job before week 3. Yes, he is a raw, young, QB who likes to throw into coverage. He is also a young QB who loves to take shots and open up this offense. Bill Obrien usually will choose the latter over the former.
13. The Saints defense is sneaky good. They have been all pre-season. Will they change games? Probably not but don’t be shocked if they move from worst in the league to lower mid tier.
14. The Giants defense is dominant. It’s time to start putting them in the same group as the Texans and Broncos. This D score three times Saturday night. Yes, it’s the pre-season but they are primed to make the jump from the top tier of defense, to game changing. That’s scary considering who that team has on offense.


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