What We Learned Week 16

1. If it wasn’t clear already Brock Osweiler is not the Broncos long term answer at QB. Osweielr had two awful turnovers. More disconcerting though was the embarrassing performance of the Broncos defense. Carved up by Kirk Cousins. Although Vance Joseph is believed to be safe from the hot seat I think this loss changes that. The defense was embarrassed by a shorthanded Washington team.

2. The Lions are out of the playoff hunt. They deserve to be. Any team that cant dominate the Bengals for four quarters does not deserve to be a playoff team. You can say what you want about the Lions and their comeback magic but if you have to come back against bad teams how good are you? This is the end for Jim Caldwell in Detroit. The Bengals beat you without stud RB Joe Mixon, you cannot allow that to happen to your team.

3. The Browns are on 0-16 watch. After being dominated by the Bears winning in Pittsburgh next week seems impossible. A very bold prediction Hue Jackson will no longer be the coach of the Cleveland Browns by Tuesday morning.

4. Kareem Hunt is back to being Kareem Hunt. With Kareem Hunt playing well again the Chiefs are rolling again. Yes, they rolled against the Miami Dolphins but with that win they clinch a playoff spot. I can’t wipe away the 2-6 stretch but they have a chance to make a run in the playoffs. A good chance? No, but a chance none the less.

5. Did the Rams dominate against Tennessee? They did not, however I attribute a lot of that to their beat down of the Seahawks last week. The Rams looked tired, but Jared Goff threw 4 Touchdowns and Todd Gurley continued to dominate. The Titans hung around but when it mattered Marcus Mariota let this team down. I’m not as much against this team anymore after this spunky performance.

6. The Patriots did what was expected of them, played the Bills tight and pulled away late. Again the focus on this game will be on what the heck is a catch? The league needs to determine the meaning of one of the most basic parts of the game this off season.

7. Let’s disperse of two playoff birds with one stone. I don’t need the Falcons or Chargers in my playoff life. The Chargers are fun to watch yes, rack up yards yes, but can’t score touchdowns in the red zone and lack a kicker. The Falcons on the other hand are a week to week proposition with a mess of a QB in Matt Ryan. Atlanta can’t be consistent on offense and I don’t really need to see them in the playoffs.

8. The Jaguars gave us that game where you realize, why did I think they could make the AFC Championship? On the other side Jimmy G is truly special. I’m getting ahead of this right now, the Niners will make the playoffs next year and may even make a playoff run. Jimmy G will be the next Tom Brady. He just tore apart a very good Jags defense.

9. The Seahawks won a game where they had 2 passing yards in the first half. This mainly due to the fact Dak threw two awful interceptions, this was just never the Cowboys year though I expect them to bounce back next year. Dak is a game manager at this point in his career, I was so very wrong about him.


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