Who has the best chance of to being upgraded to a diamond this week?

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Below are the players who I feel all have a possibility of becoming a diamond this week.(in no order, yet).

Aaron Judge–87 overall

Justin Turner–88 overall

Marcell Ozuna–89 overall

Roberto Osuna–88 overall

Jose Ramirez–88 overall

Charlie Blackmon–88 overall

Alex Wood–86 overall

Although all seven of these players all make great cases to get the boost this week, obviously not every can get their dues this week. By the time the season ends, I expect (hope) all of these players to become diamond but in this article, we will be looking at who has the biggest chance of seeing that upgrade this week.

In order to predict roster updates, it is important to look at the players attributes more than just their overall. So below we will be looking at where these players are most likely to see an upgrade that could give them the bump.

Aaron Judge (Contact VR R)

His contact sits at just 69 despite having a .319 average this season vs right-handers.

Justin Turner (Contact VS L)

His contact sits at just 69 despite rocking a .440 vs left-handers.

Marcell Ozuna (Power VS R)

He is currently slugging .593 vs right-handers despite having only 75 power.

Roberto Osuna (HR/9)

His HR/9 sits at a poor 51 right now despite having given up only two HRs in 36 1/3 innings so far.

Jose Ramirez (Power VS R)

He is slugging a whopping .636 vs right-handers this season despite having just 61 power.

Charlie Blackmon (Contact VS L)

He is hitting .328 vs left-handers this season so his 72 contact could see a boost.

Alex Wood (HR/9)

His HR/9 sits at 68 despite only giving up two HRs in 86 2/3 innings.



Before we begin the rankings of the highest odds to get the boost it is worth noting Jose Ramirez received a plus two in last weeks roster update so he will be further down than expected. Despite this, he has one of the better chances to receive a boost within the next couple of weeks.

These rankings are made by considering the following…

Gaps in performance and current attributes

Current overall

2017 stats

Last time player received an upgrade

Last season stats

The Rankings

  1. Justin Turner
  2. Aaron Judge
  3. Charlie Blackmon
  4. Roberto Osuna
  5. Alex Wood
  6. Marcell Ozuna
  7. Jose Ramirez (due to last weeks upgrade)

This was a tough list to make with all seven players having such good chances of seeing an upgrade. Thanks for reading, and make sure to follow @prosportsfandom and @mlbtheshowPSF on Twitter for more!



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