Who’s Buying and Who’s Selling

We are approaching a mark in the MLB season where teams need to decide if they are buying or selling. A difficult decision needs to be made by many teams around the league. Here are a few who may be looking to add or move players. 

Los Angeles Dodgers

 A team that just took over control of the west should be looking to add another powerful bat to their already dangerous lineup. Adrian Gonzalez hasn’t been hitting with power this season, they need to acquire a clean up man, someone who can send the ball to the seats. 

Houston Astros

The Astors have strung together one of the most impressive seasons out of every team this season. Going into the year their was a lack of depth in the starting rotation. Dallas Keuchel was to head the rotation, the number 2 spot has been taken over unexpectedly by Lance McCullers who has had a terrific year. Now the question is your 3-5 starters. The Astros need to look to add 1 more talented arm in order to strengthen the pitching come playoffs. 

Washington Nationals 
Looking at the Nationals roster they seem to have every piece in place except for the bullpen. The Nationals have the best pitching rotation in the league, but come the 7-8th inning there is a lack of depth in the pen. The Nationals must add a relief pitcher, there is no concern for this team other than having starters not go a full 7 innings and relying on the thin bullpen. 


Detroit Tigers

A long and inconsistent year for the Detroit Tigers may mean players are on the move. Tigers GM explained if they were not .500 or higher midway through the season they will look to move veteran players. At the top of this list may include Ian Kinsler, Justin Upton, Jordan Zimmerman. The Tigers are definitely looking to sell and teams will be buying. 

Toronto Blue Jays
After a terrible start to the 2017 season the Blue Jays have slowly pulled back. Sitting just 1 game under .500 and 6 games back in the division the Jays are in a tough spot. They could potentially pull back from their horrendous start and move up in the division. Although it is tough to see them doing so with how well the entire division is playing. If they are unable to close the gap from last to first, they will be in the market to move players. 

San Francisco Giants

11.5 games behind the Dodgers. Something none of us really expected. The Giants have been performing at a high level the past 5 or so years. With injuries to Brandon Crawford, Mad Bum, the Giants did not get off to the start they had hoped for. They need to look younger and I believe someone who may be on the move is Hunter Pence. For teams looking to add a veteran with a solid bat he is a good choice. The Giants don’t look to be chasing the Dodgers or Rockies anytime soon, expect some moves out of San Fran. 



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