Why Ameer Abdullah will break out in his 3rd NFL Season

Yes I know not many of you do not trust Abdullah to stay healthy. I think this is the year he takes a leap forward. I’m not willing to say he will be a RB1 this season but he is definitely in the conversation for RB2 or Flex. Not only is Abdullah seeing great progress recovering from his most recent injury, but the Detroit Lions have dumped a lot of money into the offensive line this season. Signing OL, T.J. Lang and Ricky Wagner is a massive jump and shows Detroit wants to get down to the run game even more. 

The 2016 Season was not a good one for Abdullah. Playing in just 2 games, injuries had ended his season very early. But if we look into his 2015 season where he played a full 16 games, (Some Limited) we can see the potential for a big year. Now keep in mind. Abdullah received less that 10 carries a total of 10 times. Meanwhile still finishing with 597 yards. If Abdullah averages 13-17 carries a game he should have no issues breaking 70+ yards a game and possibly getting into the end zone. I don’t think we will see too much Abdullah come goal line. The Lions will likely bring in power back Zenner. Here’s a breakdown of a somewhat healthy season for Abdullah in 2015. 

Many people are threatened by the other back, Theo Riddick. I’m not worried one bit that Riddick will steal carries from Ameer. If anything I think we will see more 2 back Sets because both have the ability to catch the ball out of the backfield. Last season proved that Riddick is not effective when running the ball. Riddick gets his points in open field and catching the ball. I think Abdullah if used properly this season will be one of the most under-drafted players this year. A healthy season, according to past stats shows nothing more than a breakout year for a team that’s gonna keep the ball on the ground.  I’d be willing to draft Abdullah as early as the 7th round. But I do think he will be available much later around the 9th-10th round. 


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