Why Baseball is No Longer “America’s Game”

Bat flips, hand shakes, dancing, and flair. These things, most commonly done by younger players in MLB, make baseball fun. Recently, people have called baseball boring, lame, and tired. America’s Game is no longer consisted of 9 innings and home runs, but is consisted of a 48 minute game of flops, fouls, and dunks. The key reason that basketball has over taken baseball as America’s top sport. Baseball purists have ruined the greatest sport in the world, IMHO. Baseball is no longer in the days of solely day games, Yankees Dynasties, and all white men playing. The baseball purists don’t like the flair, passion and heart put into the game these days. That is where basketball gains the advantage over baseball. In the NBA, players show passion in everything they do, from ferocious dunks to other worldly cross overs. Baseball doesn’t have the action of basketball, but it does have more recognizable logos and some of the greatest, most loyal fans. Basketball is a bandwagon, with everyone taking either the Cavs or Warriors. You will never here a Baseball fan switch his or her alliance, just because a team is doing amazing. Baseball, despite losing popularity is the better sport because of loyal fans, dingers, and guys like Aaron Judge, Clayton Kershaw, and Noah Syndergaard. 


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