Why Every Playoff Team Can Win Super Bowl 52

Yes, even the Buffalo Bills.


As the playoffs near, we all generally expect the same thing, especially out of the AFC. The majority of people have written off most teams, narrowing it down to a Patriots-Vikings/Rams/Saints Super Bowl. Well, while that might be the most likely, here’s a case for all those teams- and the other eight fighting for the chip.

Buffalo Bills (6) +7500 Odds to Win SB52


Passion, fire and being doubted. Passion to prove people wrong doesn’t only do a lot to motivate a man, but also a team. Widely considered as the team with the least chance to win it all, the Bills have the biggest chip on their shoulder. They have the least to lose, and the most to gain. We’ve only seen two 6 seeds win the Super Bowl – the 2005 Steelers and the 2010 Packers. However, those two teams were lead by Hall of Fame quarterbacks – Ben Roethlisberger and Aaron Rodgers. Will Tyrod Taylor join them?

Atlanta Falcons (6) +2500 Odds to Win SB52


Motivation to defend their NFC title and erase the memory of 28-3. Okay, let’s be real, the Falcons could win the next four Super Bowls and we’d never let that die down. However, the Falcons are looking to shut up the haters as best as they can. A revenge-seeking Matt Ryan and a furious Julio Jones is what this team needs to make a run. Lets’ see if the Falcons can “shake their demons off, and dip their dreams in sauce”.

Tennessee Titans (5) +7500 Odds to Win SB52


Solid run game, solid defense. As we have seen many times before, most recently the 2013 Seahawks and 2015 Broncos, all you need is a ground game and a defense. If you can limit your opponent’s possessions by draining out the clock and making gains on the ground, and make sure your opponent doesn’t score on those limited possessions, you can win Super Bowls. Is that how the Tennessee Titans are built? Yes. Are these Tennessee Titans anywhere near the skillset of those teams? No. Do they have potential? Yes. Is it likely? No. Will it happen? We’ll see.

Carolina Panthers (5) +2500 Odds to Win SB52


They have an MVP and a top defense. Just two years ago, this team won 15 regular season games, lit up a Cardinals team in the NFC Championship, and were a possession away from being Super Bowl Champions. If Cam Newton can go on a run, which he is fully capable of, and his defense can get the stops they need, this team has the potential to be just as scary as any other.

Kansas City Chiefs (4) +1800 Odds to Win SB52


They have the potential to beat any team, as we saw in the beginning of the year. Lets’ not forget that this same exact team bested the defending Super Bowl Champions in Week 1, beat the NFC’s #1 Seeded Philadelphia Eagles, and went the distance with the Steelers. For whatever reason, however, they fell off, starting off 5-0 and finishing the season 10-6, worst of the division champions. If they want to hoist that Lombardi Trophy, they need to rekindle that spark from earlier in the season.

New Orleans Saints (4) +750 Odds to Win SB52

New York Giants v New Orleans Saints

Playmakers, playmakers everywhere. Alvin Kamara, Marshon Lattimore, Mark Ingram, Michael Thomas, oh, and only Drew Brees. A top-5 quarterback of all time, arguably the most accurate pocket passer of all time, has a solid defense, an amazing running game, and a top-10 target. This team holds the likely Defensive AND Offensive Rookies of the Year. And Drew Brees is just legendary. Watch out, don’t be surprised if Brees comes home in February with a second ring on his hand.

Jacksonville Jaguars (3) +2200 Odds to Win SB52


Defense, run game, and average quarterback play. That’s what the Jaguars will need to hoist the Lombardi come February. If Blake Bortles can be a little bit better than Blake Bortles, they have as good of a chance as anybody. That defensive line, league-leading in sacks, and their talented secondary is second to nobody. If the offense can get rolling, this team has the potential to be the single toughest to beat.

Los Angeles Rams (3) +900 Odds to Win SB52


Young talent, young studs. I’m not sure a fraction of this Rams team has any playoff experience, but one thing I know is they have talent. They possess a top-5 runningback, top-10 quarterback, and debatably the best defensive player in football. Todd Gurley, Jared Goff, Aaron Donald and company are all talents we haven’t seen in a while, and they’re all on the same team. This team is the scariest, in my opinion, if they play up to their full potential. They are also my Super Bowl 52 Champions.

Pittsburgh Steelers (2) +525 Odds to Win SB52


Offensive weapons. The Steelers have not been the Steel Curtain, or Blitzburgh Steelers as of recently. The Steelers defense has always been solid, but nothing like years’ past. In fact, it has been faulty and untrustworthy at times. The team that’s legacy was built on defense will need to rely on powerful playmakers like Antonio Brown, Ben Roethlisberger, Le’Veon Bell, and even JuJu Smith-Schuster and Jesse James in order to secure that coveted 7th ring.

Minnesota Vikings (2) +375 Odds to Win SB52


Defense. The Vikings’ first ranked defense is all they need. Case Keenum threw 22 TDs to just 7 INTs, beautiful game manager stats. Their run game is solid as well, and they can get it done through the air with Adam Thielen, Stefon Diggs and Kyle Rudolph. The only team I see getting past this defense is the Los Angeles Rams, and if they don’t, we might have our first Super Bowl Champions celebrate in their own stadium.

New England Patriots (1) +210 Odds to Win SB52


They’re the New England Patriots, and the Giants didn’t make the playoffs. On a more serious note, though; Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. As long as Tom Brady is quarterbacking this team, and Belichick is on the sideline, this team has the best shot to win Super Bowl after Super Bowl. Who am I to challenge results? Five Super Bowl victories, and 7 appearances. That’s all you need to know.

Philadelphia Eagles (1) +1200 Odds to Win SB52


#WinForWentz. This team’s captain went down, but that doesn’t mean the end for their championship hopes. They still possess debatably the best receiving corps in football, a top offensive line and running game, a more than elite defense, and a backup quarterback with loads of potential. And now they have a fallen brother to play for. Don’t count out this Eagles team.


Any given Sunday, or Saturday, as they say.


Isaac Schell


Twitter: @SchelICity

Instagram: @Schell.City





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