Why James Harden Probabaly Should’ve Won the MVP Award Last Season

Last season Russell Westbrook took home the MVP award because of his incredible individual season he displayed. James Haden also had a great season, a player who maybe could’ve and should’ve won the award. Westbrook did average a triple double and set the record with the most triple doubles in a season while leading his really bad supporting cast to the playoffs, but Harden’s season might’ve been better with one of the most impressive offensive season ever.

Offensive stats:

Westbrook exploded last season averaging 31.6 PPG, 10.7 RPG, and 10.4 APG, while James Harden also put up an amazing 29.1 PPG, 8.1 RPG, and 11.2 APG. James Harden accounted for the most points EVER last season and was also the only player to have 2000 points for himself and 2000 points out of assists in history. James Harden also scored more efficiently than Russell Westbrook having a 61.3 TS% while Westbrook had a 55.4 TS%. Westbrook had 2.5 more points per game but also shot 3 more shots per game, which means Harden is more efficient there also. Also, Harden also had a better FG% and FT%. Harden had more APG with an outstanding 11.2 APG while Westbrook had a solid 10.4 APG. Harden had a better assists to turnover ratio as well, again point the Harden. In conclusion, Harden was the more efficient scorer, the better shooter, and the better passer last season.

Team Success:

James Harden led his team to the three seed in the west winning so many more games than his team was projected to win. The Rockets were projected to be the 13th seed last season by bleacher report, what james Harden did to lead them to the 3 seed was so impressive. Westbrook led his team to the 6th seed winning the same amount as projected, but Westbrook did have a worse supporting cast but not by that much at all, in fact Hardens supporting cast was rated super low at the beginning of the season. Before the season started the Rockets second best player Eric Gordan was rated 87th in the league. One of Hardens reasons for not winning was because his supporting cast was much better than Westbrook’s, but before the season started Harden’s team and teamates were ranked horrendously which proves what harden did was more special tham what Westbrook did with his team. Harden’s team ended up winning 55 games while being projected to win 38 games that season by Bleacher report. One of the MVP awards biggest reasons to win is team success and Harden clearly won that part as well.

In 2015 Harden led his team to the 2nd seed with th better stats than stephen Curry. Curry ended up winning the award because he still put up great stats but more importantly led his team to one more seed better than what Harden led his team too. If Harden put up more efficient scoring numbers, better passing numbers with both being point guards, and 3 more seeds better than Westbrook than harden should’ve won the award in my opinion. As you can see, with the facts showed up above Harden probably shouldd’ve won the MVP award and got robbed for the 2nd time in his career.


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