Why Justin Turner will go diamond this week.

We all know by now that Justin Turner has had an amazing start to the 2017 season. Below are his stats on the year as of July 9th.

AVG:  .377

OBP:  .473

SLG:  .583

OPS:  1.056

HRs: 10

RBIs: 37

AVG vs. lefties:  .427

AVG vs. righties:  .349

Pretty darn good.

Screen Shot 2017-07-09 at 11.27.46 PM.png

Above you can see Justin Turner’s card it is already a very usable card, with his incredible hitting stats vs right-handers. I think that Justin Turner will see an upgrade in contact vs lefties, especially with his 69 contact. I’d expect that to see anywhere from a +7 to a +12. But where I really expect to see some changes are in his power categories. He is slugging a whopping .805 vs lefties but is only slugging .448 vs righties. In my opinion he should see his power stats completely change. I’d hope he gets about 80 power vs lefties and 60 power vs righties.

After all of the changes, below is what I believe his card to look like.

Contact R: 94

Contact L: 80

Power R: 60

Power L: 80

Justin Turner’s buy now price is currently at 6,800 and I’d expect that to rise as the week goes on making him a good investment.


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