Why LeBron to LA is More Impactful Than One Thinks

LeBron’s move to LA sent shockwaves around the league.  After leaving the Cavaliers for the second time, it signaled that the move could quite possibly be bigger than basketball. Here are some reasons as to why LeBron decided to head to LA.

1. “Showtime”

Before he signed with the Lakers, LeBron James has played for the Heat and Cavaliers. Although Miami is considered a big market team, it isn’t comparable to LA. James finally has the chance to play in front of a team known for its fanbase, championship mentality, and great life. LeBron also met with Magic Johnson and had a long chat with him, eventually convincing him to play for the Lakers. James played in Cleveland because it was his hometown. Now, he can finally achieve his dream playing for a big team many wanted to play for.

2. Life Outside Basketball

If LeBron wanted to win games, he would have gone to the 76ers, as he would have been in the weak Eastern Conference and provides him with the help he always wanted. However, his move to LA, especially signing a deal for 4 years, signals that he is planning for a life after his career. James has already started shooting his film, “Space Jam 2”. Also, his son, Bronny James, has already committed playing for a high school in LA, which would essentially make it easier in LeBron’s part to move to LA and play for the Lakers.

3. Win a Championship for the Lakers

Obviously, getting the Lakers their 17th banner would be huge for LeBron. He already won a ring with both Cleveland and Miami and has made it to the Finals the past 8 years. Despite how loaded the Warriors are at every position, the Lakers have players of their own they could to counter them. Besides, even if it is not this year, the Lakers will have space for next year to sign another max contract level, which could provide LeBron another star to play with and compete with the Warriors. This is another key aspect in why LeBron left.

Overall, many other factors played into this decision, as he could have been fed up with the Cavs organization or was not intrigued by Philadelphia enough to sway him away. LA for LeBron seemed like the best choice, which could either pay off or backfire.


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