Why Ryan Zimmerman will/should go gold in TheShow this week

Ryan Zimmerman has been absolutely incredible this season. He truly has broken out this year after a rough 2016 season in which he hit .218 and only 15 home runs. Below we will be listing the reasons why he deserves to become a gold in MLB The Show this season.

Despite how good he has been, TheShow has seemingly refused to upgrade him past an 82 overall. TheShow has been extremely conservative in their roster updates this year an example is Dallas Kuechel remaining a gold. By clicking this link you will be able to view my recent post that explains why Keuchel deserves to be a diamond.  So, below we will be listing why I feel that Ryan Zimmerman should go gold this week.

Screen Shot 2017-06-04 at 7.29.47 PM.png

Ryan Zimmerman

82 overall First baseman

Current buy now price= 600 stubs

Began the season as a 73 overall

Why he deserves to go gold

1. He is hitting an incredible .374 on the season

.405 vs lefties

.359 vs righties

He should definitely deserve an upgrade in contact vs r (68) and in contact vs l (70)


2.  He is currently slugging .713 on the season

.865 vs lefties

.654 vs righties

He could easily see an upgrade in power vs both lefties and righties.


3.  He has 16 home runs this season

Just as before, he could easily see an upgrade in power vs both lefties and righties.


4. He ranks fourth in the MLB in wRC+


5. He ranks 8th in OBP sitting at .421


6. He ranks second in OPS at 1.133, just behind 99 overall Mike Trout.


There is no doubt. Zimmerman has been incredible this season, and he truly does deserve to become a gold player within TheShow. Hopefully Sony San Diego does give him the upgrade he deserves this week.

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