Why the Celtics Won the Kyrie Irving Trade

IMG_0103Last night the Boston Celtics traded away Isaiah Thomas, Jae Crowder, Ante Zizic, and the Brooklyn Nets first round pick for the superstar point Kyrie Irving to complete the blockbuster trade of the summer. Both teams got better as a result of this trade. The Celtics upgraded the point guard position getting themselves the type of player to lead them out of Cleveland’s shadow, to being championship contenders, and the Cavs got rid of Irving for a really good deal with IT.  A superb defensive player to help with the defensive issues the Cavs had down the stretch last year, and the super valuable 2018 Nets first round pick.


Why the Celtics won the trade more:

In the Eastern Conference Finals last year then Celtics guard Isaiah Thomas injured his hip and still probably isn’t even close to healthy. Last week Brad Stevens said that Isaiah Thomas won’t be ready for training camp, which was a huge concern for the Celtics. Isaiah Thomas is also going to be a free agent at the end of the season so the Celtics didn’t want to pay him the money he wants which came in handy because Irving doesn’t  get a new contract until 3 years from now. Isaiah Thomas is also 29, 4 years older than Kyrie Irving, which means he’s  leaving his prime years, where as Kyrie Irving is just entering his best years in his career at 25. Kyrie Irving is also a better defender than Isaiah Thomas because he’s taller and able to defend players more than IT could, so that helps out some of the defensive issues with Crowder and Bradley leaving for the Celtics as well. Kyrie Irving is 100% healthy unlike IT and he’s a much younger and more talented player than Isaiah Thomas so that gives the Celtics a huge advantage there. Now Crowder was a gain for the Cavs to help out on defense, but wasn’t that much of a loss for the Celtics because of the offseason pickups of: Gordon Hayward(free agency), Jayson Tatum(Draft), and Marcus Morris.The Celtics losing Crowder also allows Tatum, Smart, and Brown to get more playing time.   The Nets pick was a huge gain for the Cavs because Lebron, with this trade, is more than likely leaving the Cavs in Free Agency next summer. This wont have much affect on the regular season itself though. Ante Zizic is way to unpredictable to know how good he is because he played over seas and has never played in the NBA before so he’s not much of a factor at all.


Kyrie Irving is the best player in the trade, and dating back to when stars get trade the team who gets the star usually ends up winning the trade. Kyrie is 25 and has gotten better each year of his career and now has the opportunity the be the leader of a team and being probably the hardest player to guard right now in the NBA. Kyrie can help the Celtics with his offensive skillset even more than what IT did last season because now Kyrie can put up MVP like numbers being the best player on his team, defend point guards better than Isaiah did, and this is exactly what the Celtics needed to be championship contenders. Irving can flow right in with the Celtics offense taking Isaiah’s role as the “iso” kind of point guard being the most efficient iso player in the league last season, and he also flows in with the Celtics 3pt game with the Celtics shooting the 3rd most threes a game last season. In conclusion, the Celtics got the young superstar they need and is far more valuable than the unhealthy Isaiah Thomas who is starting to get older and won’t age well being short, Jae crowder who the Celtics didn’t really need, and the Nets pick who won’t be valuable this season at all.


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