Why the Cubs May Be Turning Things Around

The Chicago Cubs started their first few months of the season very slow, but now it appears that they may be turning things around.

The Padres/Marlins Series

The Cubs have had two things that have killed them this year, starting pitching and hitting. In these two series it appears that both of them may be turning the corner. If you combine the last seven games the Cubs have only given up 15 runs which is just over two runs a game. Chicago’s bats have still been spotty, but it does appear that it is getting better. The Cubs hung an 11 spot and five spot on the Marlins this weekend.

The Injury Bug

This has played a huge part in the Cubs bad play. Currently Chicago has Zobrist, Heyward, Hendricks, and now it appears Russell on the DL. Every one of these players is huge to the Cubs success. I believe that when everybody is healthy the Cubs will go on a decent stretch of winning.


The Cubs bullpen is one of the better ones the Cubs have had the past few years. They are currently ranked number four in the MLB in ERA. If the starters can get to the bullpen with a lead I have faith that the bullpen can hold that lead.


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