Why The Lakers Would Be A Good Fit For Lebron

The Los Angeles Lakers have emerged as one of the favorites to land Lebron James. This would form a duo with Paul George as most believe he is set to join the Lakers this upcoming year as well. Lebron has a home that resides in Los Angeles and he has business partners there as well. With Lonzo Ball, Kyle Kozma, Brandon Ingram, and Julius Randle on the rise the Lakers seem like a team of the future in this league and a chance to build a winning team with. Add the best player in the world with an all-star in Paul George and the Lakers have a possibility to take down the Warriors next season. The Lakers have multiple players that can catch and shoot to work with Lebron and Lonzo would be a great fit with him which would allow Lebron to play off ball as he has recently stressed to the media.


The Lakers young talent:

The Lakers entire lineup has basically been young stars on the rise in the past couple seasons. Kyle Kuzma was one of the top 4 rookies in the league last year, and Lonzo Ball already proved himself to be one of the better passing guards in the league. Julius Randle is a relentless finisher which will be a better version of Tristan Thompson and Brandon Ingram looks to be a future all-star. These guys along with Paul George would be a much improved supporting cast for Lebron and he would be at his other home with his business partners.


Don’t count the Lakers out for Lebron this offseason because of their past records as this team is one of the teams of the future in this league and will more than likely land Paul George.


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