Why Tom Brady is Undoubtedly the GOAT and Other Things We Learned From Championship Weekend

1. Tom Brady is undisputedly the greatest: If the debate still existed, it’s completely over now. Brady torched the best pass defense in the league to come back in the fourth quarter. Without Julian Edelman, without Rob Gronkowski what is there left to prove? I will be the first to admit, I am not fond of Tom Brady but at this point what does he have left to prove? When my kids ask me who the GOAT was I won’t say Jordan, that wasn’t my time, I’ll say Tom Brady. That being said, I believe Parity is cancerous in sports and Brady’s dominance has hurt the game a bit. No one wants the Patriots in all these Super Bowls, except pats fans, but you have to accept it and stare into the soul of Foxborough and say they are the greatest of all time.

Tom Brady2
2. Nathaniel Hackett will be a head coach in the next two years: Hackett turned Blake Bortles into a passable QB with a fantastic game plan for seven quarters. In the end the Jags were done in by conservative play calling and fear of a Bortles screw up, yes, but Hackett will get a job as a head coach sometime soon. Great offensive minds who can turn liabilities into assets don’t go un hired in the NFL.

3. The Patriots defense is alive and well: For two weeks you will hear the story that the Patriots defense has fallen off the face of the earth. That is simply untrue for the second half of Sundays game the Patriots dominated the line of scrimmage and completely took away the Jags running game. Malcom Butler also made three massive plays in this game and the Patriots secondary battened down the hatches late. The Patriots defense is no longer a weakness, it hasn’t been for a while.

4. Nick Foles: Foles had the greatest game of his career on Sunday. What will be forgotten is this, that for 4 weeks before that stunning performance he was an absolute hindrance to his team. This has been Foles his entire career, on fire or fast asleep. Don’t take the Eagles in the Super Bowl because of Foles because we have no idea which Foles will show up.

5. The Eagles defense has been disrespected and they proved why Sunday: The Eagles dominated the Vikings. Physically on the defensive side of the ball the Eagles owned the line of scrimmage. There were only 4-5 times that Keenum wasn’t under constant pressure. LeGarrette Blount on offense dominated physically as well. The Eagles on both side of the ball were more physical and just beat up the Vikings. This game wasn’t on Case Keenum, this game was on the entire Vikings offense. Oh, and it didn’t help that their defense didn’t show up to the biggest game of the year either.

Fletcher Cox
6. What’s next for the Vikings? All three of the Vikings QB’s are free agents, so where does this team go now? My thoughts are as follows. Keenum ends up in Arizona to be the gap guy while the Cardinals look to find there QB of the future. Sam Bradford goes with Pat Schurmur to New York, yes that means Eli is gone. Finally, Teddy Bridgewater stays with the Vikings and they pick up from where they were before his injury. This team has to much defensive talent to fall off the face of the earth. The Vikings will be back in the playoffs next year.



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