Why you should get to know the name: Nathan Peterman

Who is Nathan Peterman? It’s a question that not many people outside the state of Pennsylvania know the answer too. You should know about Nathan Peterman however because on Thursday night he flat outplayed an NFL starting QB. Peterman is a QB for the Buffalo Bills and he had a stunning second performance and one that should have NFL fans wondering, is Tyrod Taylor done in Buffalo? First, however, we must answer the question of who is Nathan Peterman?
Nathan Peterman grew up in Florida. The citrus kid took the gridiron calling for his high school Bartram Trail. In his senior year, Peterman threw for 36 touchdowns and 2,392 yards. Peterman earned a 79 score from ESPN recruiting. He was sought after by most notably Tennessee, Vanderbilt, Cincinnati, and at the time Florida State who was also recruiting QB Jameis Winston. The clear choice became Tennessee for Peterman as he knew he had no chance competing against Winston for a starting job at FSU.
After redshirting at Tennessee in 2012 and losing the starting job in 2013, Peterman’s NFL chances looked slim at best. Things were about to get a lot worse though after being named the starter for a struggling Justin Worley Peterman Broke his hand. He lost his sophomore season and even more hopeless Joshua Dobbs arrived as the clear QB of the future for the Vols. After graduating, Peterman decided he wasn’t done with football yet and went to pursue his graduates’ degree at Pitt.

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2015 bought massive things for Peterman. 2,287 yards through the air in a season in which the Pitt offense dominated. Most impressive however was the fact Peterman threw only eight interceptions to twenty touchdowns. In 2016 he dominated throwing for over 2,800 yards. Peterman also upped his TD total to 27 while lowering his interceptions to seven.
You would be shocked where the Bills took Peterman if you read his draft profile. He was praised for his outstanding accuracy and ball placement. “Full field reader. Works all the way through his progressions. Shoots glance at safeties to keep them in check. Strong natural accuracy. Able to throw receivers open and lead them away from danger.”(Dulgerian) High praise for just a two-year starter. Peterman’s game tape shows it he has the accuracy of an Aaron Rodgers and the mobility of a Tyrod Taylor. Peterman was by no means a scrambler in college though, he earned this praise from Dulgerian. “Smooth, quick set-up in pocket. Grips the ball with big, 10-inch hands. Poised in pocket and takes the hit to deliver a completion. Will set-up, slide and then re-set before making his throw.” (Dulgerian) Sound familiar? I just can’t get the image of Rodgers out of my head. I watched Thursday’s game by no means is Nathan Peterman Aaron Rodgers, they share similar foot work though. That can be dangerous to a defense. Especially in the kind of scheme, you would expect former Panthers Defensive coordinator and now head coach Sean McDermott. It should be expected this team plays a QB mobile offense. Rick Dennison the former Broncos OC is a Gary Kubiak disciple if Peterman has the skills to fit into a bootleg type offense he can succeed in it.
So, what does this mean? For Buffalo, it means a fast escalating and interesting QB battle. After the game, Mcdermot said Taylors spot at QB was up for grabs. It would only make sense. Ever Since Taylor was chosen as the starting guy by Rex Ryan it has seemed as if his downfall in New York is inevitable. Peterman provides the Bills an easy way to boot Taylor out if he continues to perform inadequately. This article is not all about how Nathan Peterman is the Saviour for Bills football. It is a cautionary tale to the football world that we should be looking at Tyrod Taylor’s future much more carefully than we have been this offseason. It would be a shock if Peterman didn’t get first team reps and I would expect him to play some more snaps with the ones in the third preseason game. The Bills QB situation just went from clouded by misgivings from the organization about Taylor, to very murky.

Petermans draft profile here


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