Will the Houston Rockets Dethrone the Golden State Warriors?

The Houston Rockets took care of the Utah Jazz in five games in the first-round of the NBA playoffs. Houston will most likely start the next round on the road against the Golden State Warriors, but there is a slim chance the Los Angeles Clippers come back from this 3-1 series deficit.

With that series heading to a Game 6, is Golden State starting to show cracks and will this be the year Houston finally takes them down in the postseason?

I thought the Warriors were going to sweep the Clippers. It is obvious that Los Angeles is a better team than everyone thought they were. With that being said, it is alarm for Golden State that this first-round series has gone this deep.

The last time the Golden State Warriors had a Game 6 in the first-round of the playoffs was back in 2013-2014 and they lost in seven games against the Los Angeles Clippers. That was the year Marc Jackson coached and then Steve Kerr came in the next season and the rest was history.

During the 2012-2013 season, they beat the Denver Nuggets in six games and then they lost in the second-round against the San Antonio Spurs in six games.

With Golden State playing these extra games, it is putting more mileage on this team and more potential for fatigue.

Houston will have a few days off before the next round starts. James Harden and Chris Paul has unfinished business to take care of and so does the rest of this Rockets squad.

With the offensive firepower they possess, Houston might have the best chance to take down Golden State in the second-round. For some reason, the Warriors don’t look as focused as they should.

This team has too much talent to fold in the playoffs early. For some strange reason, I think this might be the year the Houston Rockets will find a way to take down the Golden State Warriors, but there is a championship pedigree that Golden State owns and something that Houston doesn’t own.

I think it would be a seven game war again this season like last season. The Rockets have also been playing very good defense as of late.


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