Winners and Losers of the Preseason and Things we Gleaned from Sundays early games.

1. This Washington offense is something of a mystery. The Capitol cities team struggled mightily on offense throughout this preseason. The biggest problem Washington has is that offensive line. If they continue to struggle Cousins won’t last a full season. This Line has serious problems but it’s not too late to remedy them.
2. Joe Mixon is one of the better running backs I have ever seen. Yes, he had a rookie jitter fumble Sunday but the guy makes explosive cuts and has incredible burst. He reminds me so much of Leveon Bell. However, like Bell he must stay out of trouble off the field to stay on it.
3. AJ Green is going to get a ton of targets this year. Forget about John Ross or Tyler Boyd or Brandon Lafell. The man who will run this offense is going to be AJ Green. He’s going to be a ppr monster this year if you play fantasy.
4. The Chicago Bears front 7 can shut down the run. The Titans have been dominating the ground game all pre-season, not today though. Derrick Henry and Demarco Murray combined for only 40 yards against the Bears front. This defense has the potential to be sneaky great this year. Considering the division, they are in it seems they are set. Minus the Packers both the Vikings and Lions are going to rely heavily on the ground game this year. Will they win the division? No. Will they be the dregs of the division? Definitely not.
5. I need to see Trubisky in action early in the year. If this team starts Glennon it’s an admission that they are just totally giving up and the end of Fox and Pace in Chicago. If Trubisky starts this team becomes interesting. The loss of Cameron Meredith hurt, yes, but this team has the potential to be an upset maker week in and week out. Bears fans have to be considered winners this pre-season, this team can be a playoff maker within the next 3 years.
6. Winners of the preseason. Sure, there’s one week left but be honest week four is not real football. So, winners: Jared Goff, though Goff had a rough third pre-season game you could see confidence building, there is hope. Derrick Henry, if you aren’t picking up Henry in fantasy your making a huge mistake. Henry is going to steal carries away from Murray and by the end of the year be the number one back in Tennessee. The guy is the next big thing, which brings us to our last winner.
7. The next generation of great NFL backs. It seems we just got Bell, Johnson, and Zeke. Now we have our next generation. Mixon, Mccaffery, Fournette, Cook, and Kamara. Why Alvon Kamara? If All day fails to be himself in New Orleans Kamara is a better option for this team than Ingram simply because he is younger and has fresh legs. Like it or not, the new NFL schedule is run backs to death and drop them after four to five years. There’s about two more years of Bell and Johnson fantasy fever. Then we move to the new backs.
8. Losers, the casual football fan. Unless you are obsessed 24 7 365 with the game of pig skin like I am chances are you hate the preseason. Good news, only a week and a half until real football!!


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