Worldwide Baseball League – Top 20 Prospects

For the next installments of “What If Major League Baseball Wasn’t The Highest League?”, I’m going to be releasing the official PSF Top 100 Prospect List. Read the introduction here: WWBL introduction article

The PSF prospect experts value the following things: age, MLB experience, tools (power, contact, speed, defense velocity, stuff, etc), and MLB success. All of those are taken into account in our ratings. All players must have at least half of a season of MLB experience to be on this list, meaning no actual prospects will be featured. Salaries are not taken into account. The top 100 prospects represent the top 100 players who we believe will not only have the most success in the WWBL, but also the players who will be able to have value the longest. That is one of the reasons why older players may not make this list. Like prospects, Future Value is considered. One bad year does not ruin a prospect’s rank, and MLB success is not the only thing taken into account.

Again, these are not necessarily the top 100 players in baseball right now. Stats from the last three seasons are taken into account.


20. Paul Goldschmidt (African Alligators of Ethiopia, NL Arizona)

19. Cody Bellinger (Los Angeles Leopards, NL Los Angeles)

18. Gary Sanchez (New York City Ninjas, AL New York)

17. Kevin Kiermaier (Seoul Snakes, AL Tampa Bay)

16. Michael Conforto (New York City Ninjas, NL New York)

15. Noah Syndergaard (New York City Ninjas, NL New York)

14. Anthony Rendon (Moscow Meerkats, NL Washington)

13. Max Scherzer (Moscow Meerkats, NL Washington)

12. Kris Bryant (Tokyo Tigers, NL Chicago)

11. Nolan Arenado (Colombia Cats, NL Colorado)

10. Jose Altuve (Mexico City Monsters, AL Houston)

9. Carlos Correa (Mexico City Monsters, AL Houston)

8. Francisco Lindor (Tokyo Tigers, AL Cleveland)

7. Manny Machado (African Alligators of Ethiopia, AL Baltimore)

6. Clayton Kershaw (Los Angeles Leopards, NL Los Angeles)

For the top 5, scouting grades are listed. The scale is from 20-80, where 50 is average, and every 10 pts above or below is one standard deviation better or worse.

5. Bryce Harper (Moscow Meerkats, NL Washington)

— Contact: 45 / Power: 70 / Baserunning: 55 / Defense: 55 / Eye: 60 / Positional Value: 40 / Age: 65

4. Chris Sale (New York City Ninjas, AL Boston)

— Strikeout: 65 / Walk: 65 / Home Run prev: 55 / Run prev: 60 / Velocity: 55 / Innings: 80 / Age: 55

3. Mookie Betts (New York City Ninjas, AL Boston)

— Contact: 65 / Power: 55 / Baserunning: 70 / Defense: 70 / Eye: 50 / Positional Value: 45 / Age: 65

2. Corey Seager (Los Angeles Leopards, NL Los Angeles)
— Contact: 50 / Power: 60 / Baserunning: 55 / Defense: 60 / Eye: 60 / Positional Value: 60 / Age: 70

And your number one Worldwide Baseball League prospect is…


Mike Trout (Los Angeles Leopards, AL Los Angeles/Anaheim)

— Contact: 55 / Power: 70 / Baserunning: 65/ Defense: 50 / Eye: 60 / Positional Value: 50 / Age: 65


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