Your Ultimate Guide to week 3 (in under 5 minutes)

Here’s the challenge this week, give all the info you need about week 3 in under 500 words, but still give you enough knowledge to know your stuff and impress your coworkers. Lets fly.
What is Jared Goff? After a fantastic week one Goff came back down to earth but after his rookie year anything will look impressive. I would expect nothing less than a 3 touchdown 300 yard game for Goff. Look out for the Niners pass rush though, which is the strongest part of this team.

Jared Goff
Without Garrett Bolles how does the Broncos offensive line and running game react in Buffalo? Bolles is most likely out for this game and suddenly the Broncos offensive line has to prove themselves. The Bills are nothing special on defense anymore but this is a prove it game for Siemian and the Broncos. If Denver can beat Buffalo handily they’re for real.

How many turnovers does Blake Bortles create? This is the game Doug Marone, save your job, this is going to get away from you early bench Bortles. I truly do believe this game is the end of Bortles in Jacksonville. A stacked Ravens defense is going to run away with this game early.

Mitchell Trubisky? Same message for Jon Fox, it’s time to get your young gun ready and out there or your gone by mid-season.
Matthew Stafford is the real deal. That’s a statement, Stafford is playing better than Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady right now. I know that sounds crazy but through two weeks look at the tape and you’ll see that Stafford is the most fun to watch of any QB in the league. It is time to accept Matthew Stafford as a top 10 hell top 5 NFL QB.

Matty stafford
How do the Browns react to a bad loss in Baltimore? Cleveland, you can break the same old Browns mold if you get a bounce back win. You play the Colts that’s a w take the w and show the NFL you aren’t a joke anymore. I believe in you, it should be noted if you win it would be a huge deal because your receiving core is quickly turning to salt and nothingness without Corey Coleman, blown into the wind hopelessly.

Will Sam Bradford play Sunday? If he does this has potential to be the game of the week, if not the Vikings will keep it close early but the Buccaneers will run away with it in the second half.

sam bradford 2
How close can the Texans defense keep their game against the Patriots?
Can Jay Cutler blow out the Jets? This game could be close, though I expect the Dolphins to win it may not be as handily as people would like to think it will be. Final Dolphins 24 Jets 23.

jay cutler
Can the Eagles receiver’s get open this week? Though the Giants offense is nothing special the defense is still top ten. Philadelphia’s receiving core could not get open against the Chiefs defensive backs can they have more luck against New York?
Will the Panthers finally start using Christian McCaffery against a week Saints running defense? Your killing me in fantasy Christian! The Panthers need to start utilizing there generational back 9 carries a game simply won’t do the trick.

Will the Titans offense be able to deter the Seahawks defense? I have no doubt that the Titans can hold down the Seattle offense but what concerns me is the fact that the Titans offense has been nowhere as potent as expected and you don’t break out against Seattle. Marcus Mariota had some questionable plays against Jacksonville and although Derrick Henry broke out Demarco Murray looked slow and unenthused. I just don’t think you can win with this offense against a top flight defense.

seahawks d
Aaron Rodgers September woes, will they continue? For as bad as the Bengals are on offense they have a very impressive defense. I don’t doubt the Packers will win this game but just how big a day will Rodgers have? Or will we all be asking where the guy we see in November through January has gone off to? As we do every year.

Why is Raiders Redskins primetime? The Raiders are obviously going to handle Washington come back to us NFL schedule makers!

dereck carr


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